Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Recent reads

I love books. I love the way they smell and the weight of them in my hands. I have a special fondness for used books with dogeared pages and notes in the margins.

I'm afraid I could never own a Kindle or the like. I love owning books and hope to be a crazy grandma who refuses to acknowledge that the rest of society has moved on while I sit in my big library, surrounded by a mizillion old farty books. It's better than cats right?

Here are a few I have read recently:

I cried in spite of myself. Beautifully written, makes me want to make out. Just sayin...

My sister said I had to read this before I see the movie. And I want to see the movie. But the book was lovely really. I loved the relationships between the characters. It made me ache for my brother Mitch who is far far away in Korea. There were a few slow parts but most of the time I couldn't put it down.

I read this in about three days. It was a page turner and I would highly recommend it. I loved the dynamics between the main character and her frienemies. I empathized with this girl a lot which made me enjoy the read that much more.

love, ali

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Brittany said...

i have read the help and the lovely bones. and i loved both! the lovely bones made me love the movie more. i saw the movie first and it was really confusing and weird. but this helped it make more sense.
i'll have to read nights in rodanthe :)