Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I'm sorry bloggy. You have been suffering from severe neglect. Usually when I don't blog for a long time it's because things are not going well. But I can honestly say that is not the case. In fact, it's about as far from the case as you can get. I am just really, really busy. Good, better, best, right?

Blogging is good but I've been filling my time lately with things like running, date nights with Zach, taking the kids to the park, kickboxing, girls nights, taking lots and lots of pictures, rough housing my boys, cleaning my house, taking Franky to joy-school, reading good books, reading the good book, reading the other good book, rescuing orphans from kidnappers who make them retrieve giant diamonds from very small caves,

wait. That was just a movie I watched with Franky.

I've been watching a lot of movies with Franky too.

Anyways, I'll get back to regular postings but if we're not friends on Facebook yet, shoot me an add. Then you'll always be eligible for all the up to the minute news on all things "me."

Until next time...

love always,