Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Family portraits

i love what this couple of photos says about the guy who is my husbands best friend

I loved shooting this family on Tuesday night. Zach and I met at the same time as Kory and Lacie. Kory and Zach were best friends growing up and perpetual roommates in college. They also both married a little bit later in life for the standard Mormon guy (at twenty-five their families had about given up hope). Until they met a couple of sexy nineteen year old girls (that's me a Lacie) and for whatever reason decided they couldn't live without us. We spent our engagements together, double dating, roadtripping to Vegas, camping in the front yard of Lacie's grandparents (don't ask), pretending not to notice when each other was making out in the living room... wait, what?

There's something about a friendship with a history. It's familiar and cozy, talking about old times and remembering everything with the fuzzy glow that accompanies all things sweetened by time.

Anyways, on a techy note, I worked in three very different lighting situations over the course of our session. I'm starting to learn the limitations of my camera. It's just something I'll have to work around until $3,000 magically lands in my lap one day. But really my trusty rusty gets the job done just fine and one day when three grand aint no thang, I'll be so much better off for having had the "uphill both ways in the snow" experience that my current setup presents.

love, ali

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