Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Run forrest

I've been running again. Like almost every day. I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to join a team for the Ragnar Relay happening in June and I really can not wait. And this time around I'm realizing why I run and some of my reasons may surprise you... or not.

First and foremost, I love what running does to my body. I'm at a point in my training where my body is really starting to change from a visual standpoint. I can't help it. I am a woman and I am vain and running slims me down as nothing else can. And it's not just the actual running. Throughout the day when I'm making decisions between fruit and chips, or yogurt and doughnuts, I am consistently choosing the healthier option. There's something about seeing results that makes me want to see more results.

Secondly, running makes me feel like a bad ass. I know that sounds like a weird reason to run but when I see people running not only do they usually look great but I always think "now there's someone who's got it together." Obviously I know that just because you run doesn't automatically mean you've got a great life. But when you're taking care of your body there's a good chance you're just taking care of business in other areas of your life as well. And so as I'm out there, cranking my Kanye and doing my thing, I just feel like the cool kid at school. Hopefully that doesn't ironically make me a total dork.

Thirdly, running gives me confidence. It's hard and the first mile ALWAYS sucks. ALWAYS. Period. The end. There's no getting around it. But there's always a first mile and that first mile is probably why most people don't run. Because it's hard. And you're pushing through pain while you're lungs and your muscles adjust to accomplish what you're asking them to do. But after that first mile, when my breathing slows down and my blood is pumping at a normal rate, I always, ALWAYS feel so good. And afterwards, I just can't even explain how great life is after a good long run. It's always better. The sun is always shining brighter because I've done something hard and I'm proud of myself.

I'm not the worlds fastest runner but I'm going to keep doing it and keep working on being faster because the truth is that I love myself when I run. It's me at my best.

love, ali


Ally Cox said...

Wow, Ali! We are seriously like two peas in a pod. I could have written this exact blog because I feel exactly the same way about why I run! I used to hate running until I really tried it and now I am literally addicted to it! You should download some Matisyahu to listen to. Try the song One Day or Warrior and see what you think. Both great and motivating!

Aloicoius said...

Ooo! I will have to check it out! I am always on the lookout for good running music.