Friday, May 13, 2011

Just a small moment

There was this beautiful moment today. We were playing catch in the living room. You are ALWAYS wanting to play catch. There is this green, plush football with a tail and we throw it, back and forth all day long. And most of the time, if I throw it right to you, you will catch it. And this gives you the greatest sense of pride. But I'll admit, 24/7 football is not my favorite thing in the world. And sometimes I get selfish and keep telling you "in a minute" so many times, it becomes painfully obvious I'm just avoiding it.

But not today. Today I just decided to do whatever you wanted to do (within reason). And catch was it. And we played. For like almost an hour. And we were laughing and you were jumping on the couch and doing flips. And the sun was streaming through the big picture window and you caught like ten in a row. And then you stopped. And then you hopped off your perch, ran into my arms and sighed "I love you mom."

I love you too buddy.

love, mama

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thisismylife said...

you are a beautiful writer. wow i cant wait to be a mom :)