Monday, February 21, 2011

The sweet

One of the greatest things I've experienced as a parent has been watching my child learn to reason. It makes me feel like a good parent although I'm sure it doesn't have a lot to do with me at all.

Lately I've really been trying to enforce the "food ONLY at the table" rule. So the other day when Franky wanted to feed his sandwich to the dog eat his grapes on the couch I told him he would need to sit at the table if he wanted to eat. He contemplated this for several seconds as he weighed the choices in his head. A younger Franky would have thrown himself to the floor immediately in an attempt to assert his authority. But a more experienced Franky has learned that there are some things mom doesn't budge on. So after a few moments of reflection he exclaimed "alllllllllllriiiiiiiiiiiiiiight" and sauntered over to his seat at the table.

Another fun thing he's been doing lately is telling me "thank you" unprovoked. Except it actually sounds more like "tank ew". His favorite thing in the world lately is to stand at the sink and play in the running water. Usually when he asks me this I tell him no because it's kind of a big clean up job. At first I would try and control his splashing in an effort to keep everything in the kitchen from getting soaken wet. But it wasn't worth the hassle. So I finally decided that when he wants to do it, I just needs to let him go and clean up afterwards.

Anyways, he asked me if he could "pour the water" the other day and I immediately said yes since he had been such a good, sweet boy that morning. You would have thought I just told him he could eat candy for dinner for the rest of his life! In fact, several times at the sink he just looked up at me and yelled "tanks mom!"

Watching your children grow up is bittersweet. I guess this is what we refer to as "the sweet".

Love, ali

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