Friday, December 3, 2010


Somehow I found myself at this site tonight. I read the story of this family and wept. And the most tragic part of all is that it's not a story. Someone is really living this nightmare.

I just had to share a quote from this father who is facing the loss of his son:

We have been asked so many times “what can we do for you?” Here is my answer: hold your little ones close. Tell them you love them. Make sure they know that they are the greatest thing in your life. You never know how quickly things can change.

I'm watching my babies sleep tonight. Breathing heavy and slow. Warm to the touch. Hearts beating steady. And I am so lucky. My boys are loved, fiercely and above all else. My heart is so full right now. Now go tell someone you love how much they mean to you. You never know when you might get another chance.

love, ali

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Ally Cox said...

I read your post, then I read the story of that sweet little boy and I cried...and cried! He was the same age as my little boy. I can't even imagine what that family is going through. I wonder how they find the strength to go on in such a tragedy. I doubt I would have that much strength! Thanks for posting this, it is a good reminder to stop what I am doing and take in everything about my babies. I am oh so grateful!