Friday, December 24, 2010

The big things

Being the mother of two very small boys is a bit overwhelming at times. Tantrums, colic, illness (mine and theirs). Poop. POOP, people. And not just a little poop. Like, poop running down my shirt and smeared all over the bathroom floor (sorry, I should have warned you that was coming).

To be honest, the poop episode didn't gross me out as much as you probably think it did. And when I look back at all of the things that sound terrible it was such a small moment and usually turns out to be a really really good story I will use later in life to gross out girls I don't want them dating. I am learning that the hard things in parenting are often the small things in parenting. The big things: the hugs, the kisses, reading stories in the rocking chair, tickling baby and rolling him around, running through the house with can opener swords, the first time Franky said "wuv you" unprovoked. Those are the big things. And they outweigh the bad/hard things a million to one.

I will try and remind myself of this during our next poop explosion.

Anyways, posting has been a little sparse lately but after the holidays I'll try and get back into the swing of things. I've got pictures to post and stories to tell so stay tuned. And please, for the love of pete, have a merry Christmas, won't you?

love, ali

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