Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's the hap

It's almost midnight. The babies are sleeping soundly. And for the first time in a long time the hubby is sleeping as well. We have been going to bed later and later for weeks. Most night I don't get to bed until almost 1 am. But I can't help it! I have become so productive at night. I do the dishes and organize and blog apparently. I just feel so full of life. But come morning I am regretting my nightly productivity. The baby has been waking up at 6:3o to nurse. And as I've explained before, it is possible to do so while lying in bed. But it's not very restful. And by 7:30 he is ready to get up and play. Luckily Franky is still sleeping in until about 8 or so. I wish they could both get on that schedule.

But here's what I've been up to lately:

Making baby blankets for one of my many pregnant friends. This one is for my Washgington friend who I'm pretty sure she doesn't read my blog. But just in case, HI MELISSA!

Drewy cut his first tooth about a week ago and now he's working on number two. That's the tooth, not the bowel movement. Although, he might be working on one of those too. You never know... anyway, it's been rough but it looks like we're almost over the worst of this particular wave.

Playdates playdates and more playdates. Franky asks every day now if his friends are coming over. It's so cute. I am lucky to have so many friends within walking distance who have kids Franky's age. As you can see we are the lazy playdate hosts with our main attractions consisting of sitting on the couch drinking milk and watching Shrek.

Took a couple of senior portraits for this beautiful girl today. When I take someone's portrait one of my main goals is to make them look fantastic and with her this is very easy. We only took a couple of pics because the weather was crummy but we are going to try and get together again later this week. So look for more to come.

Well, I'm gonna take off and maybe, just maybe crawl into bed before midnight tonight. Wish me luck.

love, ali


Katie said...

That blanket is so cute! We love ours :)

Aloicoius said...

I'm so happy! I need to learn to quilt...