Monday, November 29, 2010

More senior portraits

Here's some more of this beautiful girl...





I have been called to work with the youth in my church. The young women, to be specific. Initially I was so nervous to accept the calling. I had flashbacks to my days in the young women program, specifically instances where someone was trying to teach and I was sitting in the back with my friends giggling and talking and pretty much being a totally disrespectful punk. I have been pleasantly suprised by the amazing girls I have the pleasure of teaching and interacting with each week. They are smart and friendly and they accomplish amazing things. They give me hope for the future of this crazy world.

love, ali


Brittany said...

hahah i remember you in young womens! ;) you and candice were my favorites :)

Rachel W. said...

Love the pics! You are seriously so talented! Haha I was the same in yw when I was a laurel! I love working with you in yw you do an amazing job!