Monday, October 11, 2010

Those OTHER Sumsions

They are much better dressed than us but we are better at hearts (booya Andrew). Franky just adores this little guy whom he affectionately refers to as "Mad-guss". We got to hang out with them at Gardiner Village this weekend. And on Sunday we had some fun at Grandma's birthday party. But before that we snuck off to downtown Lehi to snap a few family pictures...

What makes a good photo? Sometimes I take a photograph I just fall in love with, but more often than not I am my own worst critic. And when I look around at all of the blogs I subscribe to that belong to photographers I admire I just can't even compare what I do to what THEY do. I try and accomplish one thing when I am taking pictures of a family and that is to capture the love they have for one another. I also try and get the exposure right and find the great light. But really it's about creating a moment. I'm still trying to figure it all out though.

love, ali

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