Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The music man

After a baby is born they are in a haze for several weeks. They sleep the majority of the time and are unable to see what's going on around them. Slowly and steadily their world comes into focus. They begin to recognize the face of their mother and eventually their father and other family members. They begin to smile and laugh. They begin to discover the joys of being alive.

After we got married Zach gradually stopped playing the guitar. He traded in his mixer to buy me an engagement ring. Coworkers replaced bandmates as he finished his degree. Daily playing eventually drizzled away and he would go weeks without touching his guitar. Life just took over and priorities changed.

But as Franky began to discover the world he discovered music. And Zach discovered his muse.

Many nights we sat around for hours and listened to Zach play: Bob Marley, Sublime, The Format, Zach originals. We sang and sang. Franky soaked it all up. Sometimes he lay there, quietly taking it all in. Sometimes he would shriek kick his feet like crazy. His love of music was cemented during those summer nights.

And we find ourselves here again. As a sleepy newborn discovers a new world, his father rediscovers his guitar. Our house is full of music once more.


Guys who sing and play guitar: HOT
Guys who are sweet with babies: ALSO HOT

love, ali


nicole said...

how sweet! i love the photos too.

i can't even remember the last time ian touched his guitar. i try as hard as i can to get him to play but no dice. and don't even ask him to play and sing at the same time. he won't even try. i'm hoping that when we have babies that he'll turn around and start playing again then. if not, can i hire zach?

Aloicoius said...

Sometimes the only thing that could calm him down was the music. So if Ian gets desperate enough maybe he will! Guess you'd better just get prengant, have a baby and find out! JK