Thursday, September 9, 2010

Elder Tate

He says he's going to be like a ginger Shaq surrounded by all of the short Asians. That's Mitch. He's funny and kind and he's my brother. I haven't begun to process the fact that in less than a month he will be leaving for Korea and I won't see him again for two years. The kids are going to miss their Uncle Mitch and I'm going to miss my brohan.

love, ali

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Mattie said...

lol i love him too! what a hunk he is now :) a ginger hunk but still... DANG! :) nice pics al you really captured him in that last one. Grandma and grandpa Tate were just here and Grandpa said "he looks pretty determined there" and it made me smile. im so so proud of our little mitchy!