Saturday, August 14, 2010

Family get-together

A few fun shots...

I don't often take my camera to family events. I've been thinking about this lately because we've had so many opportunities to get together with family this summer. I think my biggest reason is because some people are a bit touchy about getting their pictures taken. It's not that I want to take someone's picture who doesn't want to photographed. I just always assume people don't want their picture taken weather they do or don't care. And it seems to me in our culture that the appropriate thing to do is to refuse having your picture taken. Therefore, so many people's natural reaction is to insist on not being in photographs.

But I've come to realize that so many of the memories we've made this summer are going to be forgotten all because I was too afraid of offending someone to bring my camera along. And if I'm worried about offending my FAMILY, of all people how, I will never be able to take my photography where I want it to go.

What a silly reason to not capture these memories. That is about to change. You can just call me our new official family photographer.

love, ali

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Katie said...

YAYYYY!!! I was thrilled that you bought your camera! I take pictures of Kameron all the time, but nobody takes pics of me and her so I was so happy to see a pic of us on your blog. I actually feel like I'm inconveniencing you to ask for pictures, so I'm glad to hear that you want to have your camera in tow.

PS. I know some people hate having their picture taken *cough*my dad*cough* but think if nobody captured the memories of family would be really sad.