Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I ran tonight for the second time since getting pregnant with Drew. My first time was last Monday and it was breezy as it always is the first time back after a long absence. Tonight was hard. Not as hard as it could have been because I wasn’t sore from my first run. And I didn’t push myself harder than I could handle, which wasn’t much to begin with. But it was still difficult. My body feels bouncy and soft. I don’t float as I used to. I feel super sluggish despite my body screaming at me to slow down.

I miss my old routes. They were familiar. And that certainly takes away some of the pain. You remember what it’s like to reach a certain point: the feeling of cresting that super steep stretch on 17th South, the relief of the slight decline during those two blocks in the middle of the East end of your circle, the immediate descent back into the valley down 9th South, past the record store and people drinking coffee. You know what song is going to be playing as your blaze past those people and how you’re going to look in the polished windows of the shops.

That’s one of the things I miss most about Salt Lake. I’ve been super homesick for it lately. I actually got my old wards relief society email on Monday announcing playgroup today. And since I had a doctors appointment up there anyways I decided to check it out. There was only one other family that showed up but it was good to see a familiar face and catch up on what everyone else has going on.

It’s bittersweet, moving into this beautiful home with it’s fancy dishwasher and multiple bathrooms. I miss my friends. I miss the old, giant trees lining the streets. I miss being able to walk to Liberty Park and that Thai place on the corner of 5th and 13th. Of course there are things I don’t miss and reasons why I can never go back. At least not to our old apartment and probably not even our old neighborhood. But I still savor the familiarity of my old stomping ground. I hope I can feel that eventually for this place.

Love, ali


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