Monday, April 12, 2010


It's Monday. It's also laundry day. It's also Walmart day. The wind is howling outside. It never blew this much in the SLC. I guess it's all these wide open spaces. And the Oakers are too far away to block any of the wind. Our fence sways back and forth and the entire house creaks. It makes napping much too difficult.

But I can't nap today anyways. You know that whole "nesting" thing? It's kicking into high gear. I am so close to finishing the baby's blanket. I hope he thinks it's special because Mommy made it just for him, just as I hope Franky thinks his is special because Mommy made it just for him.

Yesterday in church I sat in front of a family with four or five kids. Apparently one of the two sons was getting upset that his mom was scratching the other sons back and not his. She calmly explained that getting back-scratches from mom wasn't a contest and that if she had more arms she would certainly love to scratch his back too.

"But mom's can't always give everyone just what they want right when they want it," she explained. "But it doesn't mean I don't love you, and you'll have a turn soon, okay?"

That was so profound to me for various reasons. She could have easily gotten annoyed at the kid whining about not getting a back scratch but instead turned it into a teaching moment in a calm and loving manner. If I can do one thing as a mother it's got to be making my children feel unconditionally loved, even when I don't have enough arms, even when they are whiney.

I keep thinking I need to takes some pics of myself getting more and more pregnant but I keep putting it off because I don't look good enough that day or I didn't really get ready. Well, the truth is, I don't feel very cute any day so why not just get it over with?

Here is me 35 weeks pregnant. It's hard to believe I've only got about 5 weeks left (and that's if our dates are correct; I wasn't exactly keeping track of anything when this all happened so I could be due next week for all I know).

Off to nest...

love, ali

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today I overcooked the roast.

Today I had lots of braxton hicks contractions.

Today Franky was super duper whiney.

Today I made strawberry jam.

Today I took a two hour nap.

Today my son spit a huge wad of string cheese into my hand during church.

Today I was grateful for nursery.

Today I thought a lot about how hard it's going to be to handle two baby boys.

Today I thought about how excited I am to nurse again.

Today I sliced my fingernail while I was cutting up celery.

Today I worried about money.

Today I prayed for the strength to be equal to my tasks.

Today I realized that as a mom I determine the mood of my home.

Today I loaded the dishwasher even though I didn't want to.

Today I worked on my baby's quilt.

Today was Sunday.

Today was good.

Love, ali

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A few snapshots from the past week

Checking out the view at Sky Mountain

Golf carts

More pretty views

Franks and Grandma

Franky on his way to St. George

A happy, blonde, Asian baby with a rock

Trying to get more pics of myself on the blog despite my self-consciousness about the huge

My boys and a lizard

Watching American Idol before bedtime

Love, aloicious

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vacation/pregancy/bathroom nap woes

A few ranty/random thoughts:
  • I am not a fan of 18 holes of golf. It takes too long and leaves me feeling resentful that I haven't discovered a hobby that can get me out of baby-duty for 4+ hours at a time.
  • Also, I don't really believe in men having fun. It's one of the main points of feminism and I'm nothing if I'm not a feminist.
  • I don't really like Peeps unless they are stale but apparently I like them enough to pound half a box of those perfectly fluffy little beauties in under a minute.
  • Also, I stole said Peeps from "Franky's" Easter basket. #MOTHERHOODFAIL.
  • Being sick is crappy, but being sick whist 7.5 months pregnant is double crappy.
  • Being sick, WHILE being pregnant, WHILE on vacation is just about the crappiest (but not as crappy as having cancer or being born with no arms. See? Perspective).
  • Speaking of crappy, the child outside of my womb is taking a nap in the bathroom (although, we opted for a crib instead of the tub). It's not that we habitually make him sleep in the same room as the toilet but he really has much better luck with naps when I'm not in the same room. Also, it's really dark in there. Also, it's echo-y.
  • One really CRAPPY thing (ok, I'm done) about the napping child in the bathroom is that I've REALLY got to pee. It comes down to the ultimate choice: relieve my bladder pain and wake sleeping child? or wait it out and savor the peace and quiet? So far, I'm choosing the latter.
  • I have been spoiled by our new, king-sized, ultraplush mattress at home and have thus lost one the favorite things to look forward to while staying at hotels: bigger, comfier beds.
  • Being this pregnant makes me sweat. Like A LOT. Even when I'm not hot. It's extremely attractive. I've resorted to combating the constant cat-calls with a t-shirt I made which reads "Only perverts think sweaty, pregnant ladies are hot." I have a real knack for shame.
  • Also, I'm now officially huge which means shopping for clothes is no fun which means all of this money I could justify spending on new clothes (since Zach is spending so much on his multiple 18-holes of golf) is just going to stay right in that bank account. BOO FATSS!!!
all my sweaty, rant-filled love,