Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sicky boy & new house!

Today Franky slept in until eight. It made me a little nervous. Isn't it funny how that works? Only in my wildest dreams does my kid slees in and then when it actually happens I worry about him so much I just get up at seven anyways and make breakfast. When he finally did start to stir I went and got him out of his crib and tried to feed him some french toast. He's been a little under the weather the past couple of days. Two nights ago he puked ALL OVER ME while I was holding him and managed to puke several times on the way to the bathroom. Luckily Zach and I have an agreement: I do (most of) the poop and he does the puke.

Anyways, enough about puke and poop. Well almost. He wouldn't eat very much french toast so I got him a sippy cup of milk which he proceeded to CHUG. And after about 5 minutes all that milk came shooting out of him mouth and his nose and I'm pretty sure his eyes. He was horrified, especially when my immediate reaction was to run across the room for a towel. That really freaked him out. So I slowed my pace and told him it was okay and took of him jammies and held his little body to me as I carried him to the bath.

Now he is sitting in the recliner with a new sippy cup (of water which he is NOT chugging) and he is quickly falling asleep under his blankey. Poor little dude.

But at least we are in our new house where there is room for him to run, when he's feeling up to it. I have a dishwasher and a pantry that holds ALL of our food and an amazing fridge that was created by super human genius'. I've got vaulted ceilings and big windows that let in tons of natural light. I have enough counter space to make different dishes at the VERY SAME TIME without bumping my head on cupboards. I OWN A GARAGE DOOR OPENER. It's pretty ridiculous how drastically our lifestyle changed in the last week or so. I don't think I realized just how much I was getting. I am feeling very blessed at the moment. Even if my baby is a sicky.

love, aloicious


thisismylife said...

still the sweetest cutest most adorable boy of all the days! :)

Kacy said...

Oh. I LOVE sick babies. Not too sick. Just sick enough to be no trouble. Cute.