Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recent bulletpoints and a belly pic

My lovely baby bump: 27 weeks

  • Our house is finally OURS! It recorded and funded today.
  • The big moving day is Saturday and while I am NOT looking forward to it, I am looking forward to it being over.
  • Franky started using the word "no" today. I think I am in trouble.
  • His new favorite song is Itsy Bitsy Spider, complete with actions. We sing it about 1,434 times a day.
  • My innie is now a partial outie. This happened during my last pregnancy and it went back to normal. So don't worry, I won't end up as some freak with a 1/2 outie. Just a third nipple. Which is actually kind of freaky esspecially you've never seen one.
  • I can no longer sleep on my stomach. Or my back.
  • My fetus doesn't have a name yet. My choice is Beau but apparently there's someone else who thinks he gets a vote. P-CHA!
  • Happy birthday Mattie! I love my sister. We got sushi yesterday and it was splendid.
  • I feel like I should have more bullet points but can't think of anything else that might interest ya'll.
  • I'll be sure to post after the move. Can't wait to get into our new house!!
love, aloicious

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Suzi Q said...

Oh my heck you are so little! I am due in May too and I am like twice the size of you! :) Good luck with your move!