Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recent bulletpoints and a belly pic

My lovely baby bump: 27 weeks

  • Our house is finally OURS! It recorded and funded today.
  • The big moving day is Saturday and while I am NOT looking forward to it, I am looking forward to it being over.
  • Franky started using the word "no" today. I think I am in trouble.
  • His new favorite song is Itsy Bitsy Spider, complete with actions. We sing it about 1,434 times a day.
  • My innie is now a partial outie. This happened during my last pregnancy and it went back to normal. So don't worry, I won't end up as some freak with a 1/2 outie. Just a third nipple. Which is actually kind of freaky esspecially you've never seen one.
  • I can no longer sleep on my stomach. Or my back.
  • My fetus doesn't have a name yet. My choice is Beau but apparently there's someone else who thinks he gets a vote. P-CHA!
  • Happy birthday Mattie! I love my sister. We got sushi yesterday and it was splendid.
  • I feel like I should have more bullet points but can't think of anything else that might interest ya'll.
  • I'll be sure to post after the move. Can't wait to get into our new house!!
love, aloicious

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The last couple of weeks have been such a roller coaster ride. I've been cleaning and packing and trying to find renters for our soon to be vacant unit. I've been anticipating moving into a new home and having to organize (eek) and decorate (double eek) my first real home. It's a funny thing, making a home. We've lived in our apartment for 4 years and I just barely now feel like I've gotten it just the way I want it decor-wise. Hopefully it won't take me that long with the new place.

But last Thursday we had a bomb dropped on us. With just days to go before closing our lender notified us that they would not be able to fund our loan and we were going to lose the house due to some information "we'd neglected to bring to their attention when we started this process" (which is a flat out lie). Thankfully we're working with a wonderful real estate agent who advised us to get a second opinion and it looks like we'll still be getting our house, just a week later. No wonder the mortgage industry is in such turmoil. Are all mortgage brokers this bad? In the past 5 years we've worked with 4 different lenders and all have let us down in one way or another but really, this guy took the cake. And ALL were people who were referred to us by people we trusted. I shouldn't have to get my brokers license to ensure everything goes smoothly but at this rate it looks like it might be the only safe route in the future.

So anyways, sorry for my hormone-induced rant but luckily I'm pregnant so I can blame it on that. And please remember, don't ever tell a pregnant lady really bad news unless you are wearing a cup or calling from an untraceable number.

It's actually ironic though because when Zach came home with the news that we were going to lose the house it really didn't rock my world. Despite the frustration that it all could have been easily avoided if our lender had done his job and despite the fact that we were about the lose thousands of dollars, all I could think about was how blessed we are and how small this was in the grand scheme of things. I was somehow able to see clearly and I was really calm about the whole thing. I think part of that may have been because Zach was severely upset by the news and I've found that in marriage, our marriage at least, when one is lacking something the other is usually compensating for it. But I also think I've really been trying to live a life I can be proud of. And when you're doing that I believe life is just easier. God blesses us when we're doing our best to live a good life.

Please, I don't mean to sound all preachy and act like I'm perfect. In fact as soon as I typed that last sentence I immediately thought of about 10 people who might read this and come up with several examples of things I've done recently that would not fall under "living the way God wants me to." But I believe the fact that I didn't have an emotional breakdown last week was a blessing. I really have no other explanation.

So life goes on. We're still moving forward and getting ready for the craziness of the move to begin. At this exact moment I've got a feverish little 18 month old boy asleep on my chest where he's been for the last 2 days. And whil I sincerely hope he gets better soon, I've REALLY enjoyed the last couple days of fever-induced snugglefest. There are things they never tell you about being a mom like the bittersweetness of a baby with a fever. Although if he were throwing up this might have been an entirely different sort of post.

love, aloicious