Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Funks and hunks

I got into a funk for a couple of days and didn't do much. I just feel like crap from being so huge already and then thinking about how I still have 5 months left till the baby comes. And sometimes you just feel so unproductive you just want to sleep. But I can't sleep because my belly is big and I don't think I've ever had insomnia this bad. Even with my first pregnancy. Then I just decided to quit feeling sorry for myself and how I suck at doing stuff and just do it. And once I started I felt a lot better about myself and about life and all was well. I keep having to learn that lesson. JUST DO IT. Thanks Nike.

So my New Years resolutions are coming along. I finished Hunger Games (book 1) and while I was thoroughly entertained I was disappointed in the end. I kept expecting explanations that never came. I felt it could have been really deep and powerful. But instead felt a bit hollow. All show and no guts.

In other news, please enjoy these pictures of my adorable son in the snow.

And one of his bath in grandma's sink for good measure.

love, aloicious


Suzi Q said...

Your little boy is SUPER cute! And AMEN about the pregnancy. Here is to another 5 months of it. :)

Aloicoius said...

Thanks Sueann! Do you know if you're having a boy/girl yet? Hope pregnancy is going smoothly for you!