Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back in the saddle

A couple of weeks ago my camera lens started acting very funny. My camera would only let me take photos when zoomed all the way out... sometimes. I had been thinking about upgrading to a lens with a larger aperture for a while now.

I use my camera just about every day so I've felt a bit lost lately.
Lets just say our tax return came at an ideal time.

Yesterday I picked up my new 35 mm f/1.8 lens from Pictureline and needless to say, I have fallen madly in love with this lens.

I have also fallen hard for this child and his baby blues.

love, aloicious

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My 1/2 Marathon Experience

The morning of the race I was pretty nervous. I usually get nervous right before a big run but that morning it was like my body knew all that we'd worked for was about to pay off. The start of the race was a little anti-climatic for me. There were TONS of people, loud music and the energy was palpable. But when the gun went off no one around me moved.

That's when I realized I was standing amidst the hundreds of people in line for the port-a-potties.

Fortunately modern technology has given idiots people like me the piece of mind that comes with an individual race time. The chip on my shoe started timing when I stepped over the starting line, not when the gun went off as I stood sheepishly looked around, trying to look like I knew what I was doing.

I casually made my way over to the starting line and we were off!

The first 8 miles or so were breezy. I hit a bit of a wall at around the 9th mile but fortunately that's was where my family was waiting. Zach actually ran with me a few blocks and that was a huge boost.

The next couple of miles were pretty intense but I fought the urge to walk. The eleventh mile was a steady incline to South Temple where we turned for the last mile to the finish line. I ran the entire incline without stopping which boosted my confidence a TON.

At this point, with 1 mile to go, something changed. A really amazing song began playing on my Ipod and I felt a physical shift in my body, like a flip of a switch - AN ENERGY SWITCH. I felt amazing. I felt like I could run for 5 more miles. I felt like I wanted to finish this race with style.

So I began speeding up. First I passed a couple of bigger girls taking the slow and steady route. Then I passed a girl who lets just say looked WAY better than me in her tiny running shorts. I don't know why but passing someone who looks like they should be passing you was a huge rush. I started pushing myself faster and faster. And when I rounded the corner to the Gateway I really turned on the speed. With a couple of blocks to go, amidst the screaming spectators (who I imagined were screaming for me) I pushed myself to the limit and blew past a whole bunch of runners, crossing the finish line at full speed.

That moment was worth EVERY minute of training the past few months. The confidence I now have in myself eclipses so much of the self-doubt I felt before the race. When I started the training I knew I could make it to the finish line but only because I knew other people had done it. Now I really feel like this was a personal accomplishment. I did it! And now I can't wait for the next one.

love, aloicious

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I need a dietician... or some willpower

2 ham sandwiches
1 large Diet Coke
3/4 box of Mini Charleston Chews
great running fuel?

My last big run before my 1/2 marathon is scheduled for today. I am supposed to run 10 miles. I put it off until after work since the weather peeps said to expect snow early morning and on into the afternoon. So by my logic that means by 5:00 it would be sunny, right? Or at least not snowy.

It has yet to snow and the clouds look like they are waiting for just the right moment to unleash their reign of terror on the valley. Hopefully they can hold off until 7:10.

WAIT! 7:20 just to be safe. We'll see how this plays out.

In the meantime I will return to gorging myself on high quality junk food.

love, aloicious

Friday, April 10, 2009

The bad day

I knew there was going to be good days and bad days on this ride they call motherhood. But today was the first day I'd classify as... difficult. Frankles is one sick little puppy. I took him to the pediatrician yesterday after he registered a 102.2 degree temperature. He's got a nasty cold and an ear infection to boot.

Needless to say we didn't sleep much last night. And none of my regular baby-distracting techniques are working. So I have yet to shower and my house is a mess.

AND I have to run ten miles tomorrow

AND I have to work for seven hours.

Did I tell you I got a job? It's a little part-time gig, a couple of hours a night after Zach gets home from work and Saturdays. It's easy enough and while part of me is really looking forward to missing the snot-fest that will surely ensue tomorrow, part of me will miss his crankiness and count down the hours till I get to come home and kiss his feverish brow.

He's got the cutest little brow.

And have I mentioned his chubby little feets? They are quite exquisite.

Even the most difficult day wasn't ALL bad. There were a few precious laughs. I live for that child's laughter.

love, aloicious