Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Family ties

We celebrated Christmas last week with the Garfields in the only way we know how: kazoo caroling. It's sort of a tradition.

Last year Franky was not a fan of the kazoos:

But making noise is something he has developed a passion for. And so this year kazooing was right up his alley.

We love being a part of a large, extended family. Our family is growing and it's exciting to get together every year and see all of the new additions. We've got two on the way as we speak - mine and my cousin Katie's who will be born only a few weeks apart. My Grandpa and cousin talked a lot about how important family traditions are and on the way home Zach and I discussed the things we really remember about the holidays. It's not the present or the food (well, sometimes the food) but most of all we remember the things we did and the people we did them with. I really hope we can create lasting memories and traditions for our family.

Merry Christmas!

love, ali

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