Wednesday, August 26, 2009


In an instant your perspective shifts. The birth of a child. A declaration of independence. A statement, an action, instantly yielding regret.

I've had a few of those types of moments recently. And I've been reflecting.

I've been reading my journals from back when I was in high school. From six to nineteen I kept a journal religiously.

I miss that girl, despite all her imperfections. There's something bittersweet about knowing you're in control of your destiny. Even if you were embarrassingly insecure and boy crazy at the same time.

Boys boys boy. These journals are chock-full of BOYS. You need boys? Have I got some boys for YOU!

Nice boys. Bad boys. Cute boys. Sassy boys. Boys who will make you swoon and make you cry - sometimes all at once!

But it wasn't all romance and intrigue. There were many tears shed whilst these words were penned. And I laughed out loud multiple times hearing my own voice in my head telling the stories of my youth.

So many stories... I know time sweetens memories but I really do miss those days.

Love, ali

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booshy said...

Part of me wishes I had kept a journal...and part doesn't. There are certain things that I just don't want to remember...