Monday, March 23, 2009

The blogs we read...

I haven't been doing too much blogging lately. I guess my motivation to and interest in blogging is like everything else in life: it ebbs and flows.

But I usually keep up on my Google reader. And today this post brought a tear to my eye.

I am often brought to tears by the authors of these blogs. Mothers. Sisters. Fathers. Observers. Comentators. Creative genius'. Optimists. People I've never met. Most of whom I wouldn't recognize on the street.

The internet is a virtual labyrinth of (mis)information, polar extremes of both the lovely and the repulsive variety. You can find a lot of garbage and waste a LOT of time.

But inspiration abounds. My connection to these amazing women (and occasionally men) are palpable. They make me feel less alone in my insecurities as a mother, sister, friend, human being.

I feel a kinship with their stories of success and failure. I am constantly amazed at their pursuit of a better self. They leave me with the feeling that anything is possible. They make me want to be a better person.

Thank you for inspiring me.

Thank you for sharing your story.

Thank you for writing.

love, aloicious


steenky bee said...

I've not been blogging too much either. I sort of burned myself out last fall. I'm hoping life starts looking funny and more like blogging fodder soon.

Ali-Pants said...

Yeah, you gotta bring the funny. Those are the best types of blogs, yours included!

Sarie said...

Loved your comment on my blog about motherhood. Very insightful. You are welcome anytime! ps. cute baby.