Thursday, February 19, 2009

Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Yesterday I lost a dear friend.

He's been around for so long, I've often taken him and all he's done for my family for granted.

When I heard the news I cried... HARD. I felt lost, my whole soul ached with regret.

He held so many memories. I can't think of a single bad one... except for maybe some spam he let through and a few unflattering pictures of yours truely. But I can't fault him for that now...

Yes, my friends. My hard drive crashed yesterday.

OH TYPEY!!!! WHY?? WHY????????

Composure: regained.

I'm writing this post as a tribute to all the recipes, love notes, and spreadsheets lost in the tragic incident. To all the letters I wrote to my baby boy which will never be recovered. To countless irreplaceable pictures (although, thank heaven for Flickr).

My friend Pat who is somewhat of a techie (and also my bishop) sat with us last night and consoled us as we set up our new, memory-less computer. At one point he said something so profound I felt I had to share.

"Ali," he said, "there are two kind of people in this world: those whose hard drives have crashed and those whose hard drives will crash."

My friends, I won't let "Typey" die in vain. Please use his memory (or loss thereof) as a cautionary tale and go out this instant and buy an external hard drive (or two). Please don't put yourself through the pain I've experienced.

Now I'm off to eat a big bowl of cookie dough ice cream and cry myself to sleep.

RIP Typey...

love, aloicious

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