Wednesday, February 18, 2009

200th post AND a GIVEAWAY!

This is officially my 200th post!

I actually thought about doing a little giveaway on my 100th post but kept putting it off and putting it off. Then I remembered on my 1 year anniversary and almost did it then. But it was in December and life was a little hectic at the time. So here we are...

So in addition to a the obligatory 100 Things You Never Wanted to Know About Me post I'm also hosting a GIVEAWAY!!

That's right, folks. And here's what you've got a chance to win:

A genuine Little Homey for your dashboard (assuming they still make them)

A mix-CD of my favorite work out music (for all you HASAY gals)

Your very own copy of the Supernanny book by Jo Frost (don't you love this woman?? She has an ENGLISH accent! You can't go wrong! If only it were a book on tape...)

[insert picture of me in front of my computer with a big thumbs up here]

A picture of me endorsing your blog (If you don't have a blog, I could endorse something else of yours... within reason and decency)

An exact replica of the string they tied around my waist at my baby shower (that's a lot of string, people!)
A pack of Peachie O's (my favorite candy)

A set of 3 personalized notebooks for those times you get a good idea for a blog but aren't near your computer (I don't have a picture but they're pretty girly - guys might want to regift at the risk of demasculination)

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and on Monday I will draw the winner. Please only one entry per person. You don't even have to have a blog to enter, just comment. Come on out lurkers! Good luck!

100 Random Things About Me:

1. I am a Taurus
2. I am a nail tech who bites her nails
3. Sometimes I bite them until they are all red and ouchy
4. I've tried to stop several times and was only successful when I was pregnant since they grew really thick and strong
5. I had a few other things growing thick and strong too, like hair where it shouldn't be growing and a mysterious monster wart on my finger that disappeared as soon as my son was born
6. I read really fast; sometimes I have to re-read things because I skim over too many details
7. I'm really picky about books
8. I joined a bookclub this year and read a book I would have never chosen on my own
9. I ended up loving it
10. I can play the guitar and piano a little
11. I enjoy singing and making up harmonies
12. I enjoy doing nails
13. But I like gossiping with my clients more
14. I often have a hard time believing people actually like me
15. I think it stems from being a "loser" in elementary school
16. But in Jr high I blossomed and made lots of friends
17. I worry my kids will have to go through that
18. I like scrapbooking
19. I like buying scrapbooking supplies more than actually scrapbooking
20. I love Sonic ice
21. I think boxers are the best dog breed ever, no battle
22. I take great pleasure in putting things off until the last minute and looking like I spent lots of time preparing
23. I have found joy in running
24. I have never felt skinny enough, even when I was really skinny
25. I LOATHE getting up early
26. But usually after the first 3 minutes I'm glad I did
27. My favorite vacation spot has been Lake Powell (The Bahamas is a close second)
28. I like staying with someone on vacation, rather then a hotel; it feels more homey
29. I have a dream of becoming a professional photographer
30. I love being a mom
31. I often feel like I've accomplished a lot in my short adult life
32. Sometimes I get the feeling my life is so good that there's bound to be something horrible just over the horizon
33. I don't always try my best to be kind, but I'm working on it
34. I LOVE Google Reader and subscribe to nearly 100 blogs
35. I enjoy hosting parties
36. I still have my bouquet from my wedding
37. I've kept a journal since I was six years old
38. I got married when I was 19
39. I was too selfish to be married at that time
40. I truly believe a combination of luck and divine intervention kept my marriage together through that first year
41. I'm also pretty sure I married one of the top 5 men on the planet (after Jesus and a few prophets)
42. When I was pregnant I ate cereal every day, at least once
43. I hardly ever eat cereal anymore
45. My car is always really messy
46. I make sure to stay caught up on the dishes or I get depressed
47. My favorite song is one that Zach wrote; sometimes I worry if he dies I will forget all the songs he has yet to record
48. I am grateful for my Mormon heritage
49. I am lacking in the area of missionary work
50. I hate telling people what to do
51. I love hot chocolate
52. My best friend is my sister
53. My other best friend is Danielle
54. I can't wait until they're both in my life again on a daily basis
55. I LOVE shrimp
56. My best friend in 9th grade was also my first kiss and eventually my first boyfriend
57. His dad had just left his mom; it was my first taste of the bitterness of divorce
58. I feel like I can finally call myself a good cook
59. I own several movies I've never watched
60. I often compare myself to other women in my life and feel inadequate
61. I look best with short hair
62. I am naturally dirty blonde
63. I went platinum blonde once; it did not suite my tastes
64. I aspire to plant a garden one day
65. I love living in Utah where the weather reaches both extremes of hot summers and snowy winters
66. I have watched all 3 Lord of the Rings movies several times
67. I only feel pretty when I'm really tan
68. I worry about skin cancer
69. But not enough to avoid the tanning beds or the sun
70. I love Less Than Jake; I have seen them in concert multiple times and will go to their shows as long as they keep touring
71. I had a hilarious group of friends in high school
72. I still think of them often and miss them
73. I find it hard to find new friends as an adult
74. I wonder if my standards are too high
75. I talk to my mom almost every day
76. I wonder what my relationship will be like with my children when they're older
77. I am forever loosing my cell phone
78. I love sushi
79. I have never successfully kept a house plant alive
80. Except for a stick of bamboo my friend Melissa gave me because she knew I killed all my other plants
81. I am terrified of spiders and pay to have my house sprayed at least once a year
82. I've renovated an entire apartment in 3 months (with help of course)
83. I like the smell of cigarette smoke in passing
84. It reminds me of going to shows and being awesome
85. I have AMAZING in-laws (seriously, they're way better than yours)
86. My favorite video game is Mario Party
87. I am a sucker for poetry
88. I still check on Franky several times a night to make sure he's still breathing
89. I drink lots of water
90. I like to sleep in a cold room with lots of covers
91. I eat mandarin oranges almost every day
92. I wear Bare Minerals foundation and use it as an excuse to skip washing my face at night
93. But I brush my teeth religiously
94. I can't say the same for flossing (although it is one of my New Years resolutions!)
95. I don't have a favorite book but one of my favorite's is To Kill A Mockingbird
96. Another is House of Sand and Fog
97. I enjoy a nice game of hearts
98. One time I spit in a boy's mouth on accident
99. I aspire to learn how to sew
100. I like anything coffee flavored including coffee (even though I don't drink it anymore)


Casey said...

Oh, happy 200!!!

I think we have a lot of the same things in common, like the messy car, liking smoke, not feeling skinny enough (ever) and the paranoid sleeping baby checking up on. How do you accidentally spit in someone's mouth? That's some good accidental aim...

Katie said...

I'm sure you figured out that Mary named little Scoutie after the main character in To Kill A Mockingbird (one of the best books ever). There's a bunch of things on this list I didn't know about you! :)

One Sassy Mama said...

I love me a good game of hearts too. You do have amazing in-laws. hehe

nicole said...

ooh ooh! pick me! pick me!