Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Whilst shopping at the Gardner Village the other day with the girlies I found an opportunity to spend some of my Christmas money.

First there was this little birdie. He was calling to me in the clearance section of a home furnishings store and I couldn't help but give him a new home on my dresser. Zach was perplexed by the purpose of this bird. It doesn't really do anything except look pretty but that's good enough reason for me. I love how feminine it is (please ignore the dust; we're remodeling, or at least that's what I like to tell myself).

The other treasure I came to possess was this little iron tree. I plan to surround this little tree with framed photographs for family and friends.

I'll be posting the progress as this project materializes. I know which pictures I want to display. The problem is how many pictures, what sizes, how they should be arranged and if they should all be black and white.

Any suggestions?

love, aloicious

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Casey said...

I love the new stuff! I think B&W would look nice around the tree, all different sized frames arranged haphazardly. The bird is cool too!