Thursday, January 8, 2009


One of my New Years resolutions this year is to actually get up in the mornings. Zach has switched to working 7-4pm lately so he can study for the GMAT. And I've instructed him to wake me when he gets in the shower so I can make his lunch. This puts me up around 6:30ish. For the first 5 minutes it REALLY sucks, and all I want to do it crawl back into bed. But after that I feel so great. I mean, it also feels great to roll over and sleep in until 9:30. But then I get up and feel like such a lazy butt and my day is shot in many ways. But right now I'm finding time to write this post at 7:44 AM. SUCCESS!

Another one of my resolutions is to floss. I've officially flossed 3 times so far which is 3 times more then I did in 2008.

Another resolution is to get the basement finished. We are seriously hurting for space here at the Sumshy compound. And yesterday I did organize all of my scrapbook stuff down there. So it's a start.

There's also resolution to be had on the exercise front. Next week I'm starting my training for my 1/2 marathon. So that will be a challenge. I also have a resolution to walk the dog on a more consistent basis. Like, every other day at least. This will be easier when it gets warmer.

And finally, my resolution for Franky is to get the kid OUT OF MY BED. This weekend we'll be taking shifts getting up with him when he fusses and putting him back in his bassinet instead of just hopping into bed with him. I am not against letting him cry it out but it's virtually impossible what with the fact that he shares a room with us and all.

What are your resolutions for 2009?

love, aloicious


nicole said...

ooh that flossing resolution is a good idea. and 9:30 is not so late! at least not to us. that is something ian and i REALLY need to work on because we have the absolute worst sleeping habits known to mankind. and i decided since we are married now, we should probably do something about it. but it has been 7-ish months and still nothing. hmph.

Keely said...

Bah, my kid gets me up at 6:30 pretty much every day. Except, of course, TODAY, because I needed him as an alarm clock to go into work early. Figures.

goodfather said...

Yup, I wanna floss more too. Every day.

Good luck in your 1/2 marathon training! I used to run until my knees got old. ;)

Ali-Pants said...

Nicole- Zach and I used to sleep in SOOOOO late when we were first married. We'd stay up until at least midnight and sleep in until 11 or noon. But now we're old and go to bed at 10:30 most nights. TEE HEE!

Keely- The one day you need him to be an early riser... what a bummer.

Goodfather- Got any tips for distance running?