Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Like Beyonce's booty

I have weaknesses.

In fact, there are many aspects of my personality I'm working very hard to change.

One of them is how I have such a vivid imagination when it comes to strange noises and home-invasions and rapists and murderers.

Another is the occasional bout of mind-numbing fear that comes from the anticipation of an uncomfortable confrontation. Sometimes I will obsess for days about something I need to address. Sometimes it turns out to be not as bad as I imagined, sometimes just as bad. But rarely worse.

So I keep plugging along, waiting for the day when it doesn't make me antsy to tell the waiter my order is wrong or call my mom to apologize for being grumpy.

For the past few weeks I have been obsessing CONSTANTLY about the my neighbors dog wandering into my backyard on an almost daily basis. This dog is not an ordinary off-leash neighbor dog of the friendly variety (we've got a few of those). Not only is he not very friendly, he's downright mean. He doesn't discriminate who he punishes for trespassing onto his turf - even if it's not technically his turf. I have been charged by this big black furry creature on my own property more than once. I've seen him bark at men, women, children and babies alike. He don't discriminate. Man, woman, black, white, old, young - he's not racist; he's "peopleist."

Since becoming a stay-at-home-mom I've really fine tuned my neighborhood snooping watch skills. And I've noticed on several occasions the big black animal sauntering past my side window heading out of my backyard after taking a large crap in the gravel. I don't know if it's a daily occurrence because I don't see him every day. But it's not like I sit and watch for him either.

I've often wondered what would happen if I let Tyke out to go potty while he happened to be back there. There would surely be a fight. Not only is this dog not people friendly he's also not dog friendly. At least to my dog. Mean doggy words have been exchanged on occasion but thankfully his owner had the good sense to hold onto his collar so he didn't run around the fence and start a full-fledged dog war.

Barking dogs I can handle. Even mean dogs I can handle - I understand wanting a mean dog in this neighborhood!

I don't even see anything wrong with a dog wandering over and taking a crap now and then. I mean, hell, my dog's probably crapped in her yard a time or two.

What makes me really nervous is not being able to walk into my own backyard, or letting my own dog into the backyard without fear of being attacked. Franky will be walking eventually. Would that dog bite my child? I just don't know.

Anyways, as I was sitting in the living room today I heard her door open and shut. I looked out the front just in time to see her dog running happily into my backyard.

And I decided it was time to act.

Without really knowing what I was going to do I grabbed my gloves and put on my coat and took off into the backyard. The dog immediately took one look at me and charged. He ran full speed at me, teeth bared and stopped and barked a few times and then continued into the front yard where he continued to growl and bark even louder.

My adrenaline was pumping.

By this time my neighbor had gotten out of her car and proceeded to call the dog and scold him and say "stop barking right now!" But of course the dog didn't stop. I walked up to the fence and trying to make myself heard over the dogs never ending verbal assault said:

"Ma'am, I don't mean to be rude but can you stop him from coming into my backyard all of the time? I don't like being scared to walk back there and I know he's barked at the neighbors in our backyard before as well. So if it's not too much to ask..."

She was pretty much speechless with embarrassment and muttered something like "yeah, I won't let him go back there anymore..."

I said thanks and continued on the backyard where I proceeded to shovel nearly 3 months worth of my dogs poop (and probably hers too) into the garbage can.

I don't feel good about embarrassing her like that. In fact I feel rather bad about it. I'm ashamed to say that's only the 2nd or 3rd time I've ever spoken to this particular neighbor in probably 1-2 years. But it's kind of hard when every time I see her I'm being verbally assaulted by her large, black, teeth-baring animal.

I don't like confronting people. It's still not easy for me at all. But I'm getting better at it. And it's getting easier.

But I still have a stomach ache, and this is post confrontation. You can only imagine how bad my hands were shaking as I leaned over that fence earlier. Like Beyonce's booty.

love, aloicious


Mattie said...

yeeesh. i would be wayyyy to scared to say anything to her! I freaking HATE when dogs charge me and bark. holy cow i would pee my pants if a dog did that to me. Good for you al. :)

Casey said...

I'm all about non-confrontation (you wouldn't know it from my blog, eh?) but you did the right thing. I would have had to say something too and would have been scared too. I hope the lady really was embarrassed and will stop her dog from coming in the yard. You have to be able to let your dog and kid play in their yard without some stupid dog threatening them. I love dogs (and have 2) but when people are irresponsible pet owners, it drives me nuts and she sounds like one of those people. Do you have a fence that would keep him out? Either way, her dog should be on a leash or contained in his own yard somehow. Grr. Sore subject.

Ali-Pants said...

Thanks Matts...

Casey- That's really the problem. There's not a fence on either side of the house. One one side is the drive way which stretches into the backyard to the 3 garages (it's a duplex). On the other side where our unit is there is no fence. I've thought about putting one up but I wouldn't know how to do it. And there are several projects Zach has to finish before he will start looking at putting up a fence. It's kind of a fixer-upper.