Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday fill-n

1. It's January; I am now officially sick of the cold.

2. Ding-dongs are what I crave most right now (naughty, I know! I'm just not buying them).

3. Cork and wine go together like pork and pine (get it? Porcupine? I guess I don't get this one. Maybe because I've never drank wine).

4. Breast milk is so nourishing... well it is!

5. Let us dare to make ourselves something to be proud of this year.

6. I am constantly lamenting the size of my home.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Mitch's b-ball game, tomorrow my plans include working out and going to dinner with friends, and Sunday, I want to sleep in SOOOO late cuz church is at 1 pm. WOO HOO!

And as for HASAY, I went running today and it SUCKED. My 3 week break really did me in. Let this be a lesson to my future self...

love, aloicious


Keely said...

You get to sleep in? I don't even GO to church and I never get to sleep in.

Maybe I should start going.

Casey said...

Listen Missy, you'd better stay away from those ding dongs. Glad you got back to running, three miles is impressive! Enjoy sleeping in, I'm jealous.

Ali-Pants said...

Keely- Hey, it's worth a try. Yeah, a lot of times on the weekend Zach gets up in the morning with the kid and lets me sleep in. He knows how much I LOVE sleeping.

Casey- See? I knew if I posted about my secret craving here I'd be getting that extra burst of modivation to STAY AWAY. So far, I am clean.