Saturday, January 3, 2009


Lately I've kind of felt like this about life:

I don't know if this picture correctly portrays overwhelmed... maybe just aloof? I guess I've felt a little of both lately. There's Christmas to put away, a messy house that's been sorely neglected, and lots of projcts to finish/start.

When life gets stressful there are two things I usually cut out first: blogging and exercise. On the blogging front I'm usually keeping up on my reader, I just skip leaving comments.

BUT next week I'm starting the training for my 1/2 marathon and I'll have to cut something else out when life starts getting stressful. And hopefully I can use my Sunday morning to get ahead so I don't have so much to do next week.

love, aloicious


Keely said...

Hm, I usually cut out exercising and parenting. I wonder what that says about me?

Everyone feels overwhelmed around now I think - hope you get back on track! And good on ya for the 1/2 marathon!

goodfather said...

Eye of the Tiger! That song keeps going through my head, along with all of the Bud Light 'Real Men of Genius' ads by David Bickler (Survivor lead singer).