Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The wait is over...

Did I say I was still waiting?

Silly me, that wait is over for little miss braggy pants! Go ahead, tell me you knew it wouldn't last. Tell me no baby is perfect at all times. You know you want to...

I mean, it's not like he's naughty all of the time but he's really ramped up the naughtiness this week.

LinkAnd I guess it's not really naughtiness. It's clinginess and fussiness and all around restlessness.

Is he teething? I don't know. I touch his gums and they don't seem tender and I don't feel any teeth (but I don't even know what they are supposed to feel like; it's all pretty bumpy in there to me).

And as of yesterday I'm pretty sure he's got a little bit of a cold. His nose is running on and off and he's coughing occasionally. So nothing major but I'm sure he's uncomfortable.

Last night was a doosy. He was so restless and just scratching the crap out of his face (luckily I cut his nails that day). He slept early on for about an hour but then he was so restless and woke up screaming. I got up with him but he would not be settled by mommy. Luckily dad has the magic touch and he went back to sleep. But soon he was up again. We gave him some Tylenol and he was fairly restless the rest of the night but at least he slept.

I feel a little bit guilty asking Zach to get up with the baby, even though last night he came to my rescue of his own accord. He HAS to get up at 6 AM and when he awakes in the middle of the night with the baby it's an even bigger deal for him since he doesn't sleep easily in the first place.

But it isn't often that I ask him to take a turn. I think we keep a healthy balance. I try to keep his early morning obligations in mind.

If you have kids, how do you find a balance during those late night cryfests? Did you both have to wake up early on weekdays? How did you swing that?

love, aloicious


Whilst shopping at the Gardner Village the other day with the girlies I found an opportunity to spend some of my Christmas money.

First there was this little birdie. He was calling to me in the clearance section of a home furnishings store and I couldn't help but give him a new home on my dresser. Zach was perplexed by the purpose of this bird. It doesn't really do anything except look pretty but that's good enough reason for me. I love how feminine it is (please ignore the dust; we're remodeling, or at least that's what I like to tell myself).

The other treasure I came to possess was this little iron tree. I plan to surround this little tree with framed photographs for family and friends.

I'll be posting the progress as this project materializes. I know which pictures I want to display. The problem is how many pictures, what sizes, how they should be arranged and if they should all be black and white.

Any suggestions?

love, aloicious

HASAY: Week quadrillion

Just kidding, it does feel like we've been doing this for quite a while, no? But it's all good. I attribute at least twelve percent of my weight loss to HASAY. The other eighty-eight percent I attribute to breast feeding. Go breast-us-es! (sorry, too much?)

Last week was another banner week. I ran 3 miles Monday and Wednesday. Both on the dreaded treadmill.

I loathe the treadmill. Not only is it boring but I run a LOT faster outside. So it takes me longer to get my miles done when it's icy out. My only condition for running on the treadmill is fear of slipping and twisting my ankle. So if it's icy out, to the treadmill I will go.

Then on Saturday, not only was it warm enough to run outside, but I also ran the farthest I've ever ran consecutively in my whole life: 4 MILES.

I know in a few weeks that will basically be chump change but it was pretty exciting for me at the time.

I also purchased my first pair of actual running shoes this week. My only beef is how huge they are. Which I guess is actually a beef about how big my feet are. I was averaging about 8-8.5 before the baby happened and now I'm averaging about 8.5-9. But I've always bought my shoes as small as I can stand in order to give the appearance that I don't have gross man feet. But with running shoes, apparently you're supposed to have them a little big because after running so many miles your feet swell and also if your toes are rubbing the shoes at all you're in for major blisters after a few miles.

So despite my unfortunately large man-feet, HASAY was a complete success this week. I'm still teetering around 143. I'm hoping to crack 140 by the time I run my race but I don't see that being a problem.

love, aloicious

Sunday, January 25, 2009


A couple of years ago Zach and I sat down and painted a mental picture of what we wanted our dream life to consist of. That picture included babies, a home of our own (minus the tenants living on the other side of the walls), and financial freedom.

A big part of our dream life also involved raising our family outside of the city. All you "coast dwellers" probably laugh at the thought of Salt Lake being considered the big city. But there is a mighty big difference between where we live now and where we'd like to live.

Zach grew up in a town of about 600 people. It's a couple of hours outside of Salt Lake and his parents and two brothers and their families still live there.

But it's more than just a town to us. Living there to me means a life with room to run. It's wide open spaces and horseback riding in the canyons. It's not having to lock your doors. It's barefoot summers and dusty roads. It's high school football games and rodeos. Its sort of become my fantasy life.

And this week we've heard whispers that we might have a job down there soon. But we've heard it before. And nothing has come to fruition. But the thought of moving in the next couple of months made my heart ache a little. Because when we're gone I will truly miss this city. I'll miss the big park with it's fantastic people-watching opportunities and farmers markets. I'll miss driving down streets where I grew up, memories of wild, carefree adventures flooding back. I'll miss watching my parents worship Frankles with the same gusto as I do on an almost daily basis. I'll miss the summer get togethers and the pot lucks on Sunday afternoons. I'll miss the few AMAZING friends who live just minutes away.

And so, with so much to be missed, why am I not enjoying it now? Why have I not embraced the opportunity to thrive in this beautiful city? To appreciate it's beauty? The architecture? The eateries? The mountains? The people - friends and family alike?

I complain about our tiny apartment, the crime rate, the traffic. But if things truly go as planned and we leave this city for the simpler life, I will miss it.

The truth is I might be sitting here a year from now wondering if my "simple life" fantasy will ever become a reality. But I'd like to have bloomed a little more right here and learned to embrace what we've got now instead of always waiting for something better. Because what I have now is pretty spectacular.

And so, as fiercely as I would regret the missed opportunity to raise my kids in a small town, I will with equal enthusiasm enjoy what could be my last summer here in the big city.

love, aloicious

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Like Beyonce's booty

I have weaknesses.

In fact, there are many aspects of my personality I'm working very hard to change.

One of them is how I have such a vivid imagination when it comes to strange noises and home-invasions and rapists and murderers.

Another is the occasional bout of mind-numbing fear that comes from the anticipation of an uncomfortable confrontation. Sometimes I will obsess for days about something I need to address. Sometimes it turns out to be not as bad as I imagined, sometimes just as bad. But rarely worse.

So I keep plugging along, waiting for the day when it doesn't make me antsy to tell the waiter my order is wrong or call my mom to apologize for being grumpy.

For the past few weeks I have been obsessing CONSTANTLY about the my neighbors dog wandering into my backyard on an almost daily basis. This dog is not an ordinary off-leash neighbor dog of the friendly variety (we've got a few of those). Not only is he not very friendly, he's downright mean. He doesn't discriminate who he punishes for trespassing onto his turf - even if it's not technically his turf. I have been charged by this big black furry creature on my own property more than once. I've seen him bark at men, women, children and babies alike. He don't discriminate. Man, woman, black, white, old, young - he's not racist; he's "peopleist."

Since becoming a stay-at-home-mom I've really fine tuned my neighborhood snooping watch skills. And I've noticed on several occasions the big black animal sauntering past my side window heading out of my backyard after taking a large crap in the gravel. I don't know if it's a daily occurrence because I don't see him every day. But it's not like I sit and watch for him either.

I've often wondered what would happen if I let Tyke out to go potty while he happened to be back there. There would surely be a fight. Not only is this dog not people friendly he's also not dog friendly. At least to my dog. Mean doggy words have been exchanged on occasion but thankfully his owner had the good sense to hold onto his collar so he didn't run around the fence and start a full-fledged dog war.

Barking dogs I can handle. Even mean dogs I can handle - I understand wanting a mean dog in this neighborhood!

I don't even see anything wrong with a dog wandering over and taking a crap now and then. I mean, hell, my dog's probably crapped in her yard a time or two.

What makes me really nervous is not being able to walk into my own backyard, or letting my own dog into the backyard without fear of being attacked. Franky will be walking eventually. Would that dog bite my child? I just don't know.

Anyways, as I was sitting in the living room today I heard her door open and shut. I looked out the front just in time to see her dog running happily into my backyard.

And I decided it was time to act.

Without really knowing what I was going to do I grabbed my gloves and put on my coat and took off into the backyard. The dog immediately took one look at me and charged. He ran full speed at me, teeth bared and stopped and barked a few times and then continued into the front yard where he continued to growl and bark even louder.

My adrenaline was pumping.

By this time my neighbor had gotten out of her car and proceeded to call the dog and scold him and say "stop barking right now!" But of course the dog didn't stop. I walked up to the fence and trying to make myself heard over the dogs never ending verbal assault said:

"Ma'am, I don't mean to be rude but can you stop him from coming into my backyard all of the time? I don't like being scared to walk back there and I know he's barked at the neighbors in our backyard before as well. So if it's not too much to ask..."

She was pretty much speechless with embarrassment and muttered something like "yeah, I won't let him go back there anymore..."

I said thanks and continued on the backyard where I proceeded to shovel nearly 3 months worth of my dogs poop (and probably hers too) into the garbage can.

I don't feel good about embarrassing her like that. In fact I feel rather bad about it. I'm ashamed to say that's only the 2nd or 3rd time I've ever spoken to this particular neighbor in probably 1-2 years. But it's kind of hard when every time I see her I'm being verbally assaulted by her large, black, teeth-baring animal.

I don't like confronting people. It's still not easy for me at all. But I'm getting better at it. And it's getting easier.

But I still have a stomach ache, and this is post confrontation. You can only imagine how bad my hands were shaking as I leaned over that fence earlier. Like Beyonce's booty.

love, aloicious

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

HASAY, Hey hey hey!

Do you HASAY? I think we're on week 13.

I had a banner week. I ran 3 miles Monday, Wednesday AND Saturday! I also ran nearly 3 miles yesterday. And yesterday also marked the first actual day of the 12 week training program for my 1/2 marathon. Woot woot!

But that's not all. When I stepped on the scale this morning I was down 3 lbs! Hooray!

Aw yeah!

What now!

Raise the roof!

Okay, I'm done.

love, aloicious

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Celebrity encounters II

So remember my last celebrity encounter? I had another one this last week. But this time I actually knew who he was. That's right! David Archuletta. I mean, it was bound to happen. We were born and raised in the same town. He would go to my high school if he were still in high school. As soon as I saw his adorable little foh-hawk I ran right up to him screaming and waving my Nikon in the air while pointing at Frankles, hoping he'd get the message I was too starstruck to utter and offer to take a picture with my little one.

Nah, just kidding.

Although I did feel a little bit creepy asking for a picture, I do have a genuine connection. My brothers girlfriend is good friends with David (see how I did that? using his first name only?) and at the basketball game the other night he stopped to talk to her while I sat nearby. So I took that moment to score myself a wicked awesome photo for my next blog post. He's just as shy and soft spoken in real life as he was on American Idol. I got the vibe that all the attention still make him a little uncomfortable. And I'll admit, I still feel a little dirty about the whole thing.

Immoral? Maybe. Lame? You betcha. Totally blurth it (that's worth it for the blog)? Oh yeah.

Sorry David (Archuletta)!

love, aloicious

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another blog?

I don't know why, I just thought it might be fun!

So here it is: Table for Two

It's specifically for people cooking for two so most of the recipes yield just a few servings. I want to provide recipes that are fairly fast, simple and healthy. Is there a market for this type of blog? I guess we'll see.

always, aloicious

PS. If you'd like to be a contributor to this blog, please let me know! I'm full of ideas but I'd love to get some other contributors as well.

Da bills, yo...

You know that thing that happens to most women every month weather you want it to or not? That necessary evil? You know, that thing we dread because it causes emotional outbursts and occasional stomach aches?

Guys, I'm talking about paying the bills! (ladies: NO I'M NOT) I really haven't paid the bills for over a year. I didn't pay them at all when I was pregnant and I've only paid a bill here and there since I had FB. Nothing major.

But this month when the bills came due I didst pay. And paid heavily, I might add. It's been the kind of bills where you have to run off to the little bills room every hour or so just to make sure your bills aren't overflowing their basket (internet, please forgive me for this road I have begun to travel down).

And talk about the emotional toll! I don't know about you other girls but paying the bills can really cause me to become quite the little ball of emotions. It's not as bad as it used to be when I was growing up. I guess bills were just a lot more unkind to me back then. Or maybe I was just wussier.

It almost makes me want to get pregnant right away just to put off bill paying for another year.


And I officially promise to never mention bills on this blog again. You're welcome.

love, aloicious

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Small and simple...

There is a lady at church who brings me diaper coupons when she finds them in the ads. Sometimes it's the simple things that make you feel the most love.

love, aloicious

Monday, January 12, 2009

An unfortunate turn of events

Did you ever have a day at the end of a line of really mundane days that made your remember why you keep trucking on through the sucky ones? Yesterday was one of those days. I was in my groove. I was feeling good about life. I was confident, well-groomed, productive. It was a day to remember.

I awoke with the man of my dreams and made his lunch and kissed him goodbye. I was tired, real tired. But I stayed up anyways. I made myself a hot chocolate, found my favorite blanket and snuggled up on the couch with my laptop. I caught up on my Google Reader, particularly this blog and this blog and some posts brought a tear to my eye while others made me smile at the recognition of similar feeling for a certain child in my life. But still others inspired me to be more than I am right now, to create a life that I can be proud of.

Soon I heard my baby stirring over the monitor. And when Frankles awoke he found himself in mommy-heaven. That's where we lay there for the first 20 minutes or so after he wakes up and just stare and coo at each other. I kiss his little cheeks and he makes little gurgly noises and all is bliss.

When we finally ventured out of the bedroom I did some laundry, cleaned the living room and got ready for the day. Then off we went to meet my aunties and my mom for lunch at Gardner Village. The food was good and there were laughs aplenty. After lunch we set off down the cobblestone sidewalk to shop. The square is filled with different specialty shops. I found myself some treasures and made a couple of mental notes of things to buy when I'm rich and famous. And FB didn't make a peep the entire time. He just snoozed away in his little stroller and was none the wiser that he was the only male intruding on this girls-only outing.

I came home, cleaned house, read some emails and visited my sister-in-law to pick up something for Zach. Came home during rush hour but didn't hit any traffic. Made an amazing dinner and even worked out! I was living large and feeling good.

And then it all went downhill fast. Frankles had a horrible night. One of crying fits every 20-30 minutes, restlessness like you wouldn't believe, rubbing eyes and just all around distress. It was awful. I eventually started nursing him to sleep even though there was no possible way he could have been hungry and that would get him to sleep but several minutes later he was back to full on freak out. I finally gave him some Tylenol around 2:30 AM because I didn't know what else to do. He calmed down slightly after that but only the intensity of his outbursts was diminished, not the frequency. I had planned to take him to the doctor today but now that we are up and he is back to his happy little self. I'm not sure if last night was a fluke or he was teething or what.

Please cross your fingers for fluke.

Love, aloicious

Laughing babies...

They're all the rage, so we thought we'd add our own...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday fill-n

1. It's January; I am now officially sick of the cold.

2. Ding-dongs are what I crave most right now (naughty, I know! I'm just not buying them).

3. Cork and wine go together like pork and pine (get it? Porcupine? I guess I don't get this one. Maybe because I've never drank wine).

4. Breast milk is so nourishing... well it is!

5. Let us dare to make ourselves something to be proud of this year.

6. I am constantly lamenting the size of my home.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Mitch's b-ball game, tomorrow my plans include working out and going to dinner with friends, and Sunday, I want to sleep in SOOOO late cuz church is at 1 pm. WOO HOO!

And as for HASAY, I went running today and it SUCKED. My 3 week break really did me in. Let this be a lesson to my future self...

love, aloicious

Thursday, January 8, 2009


One of my New Years resolutions this year is to actually get up in the mornings. Zach has switched to working 7-4pm lately so he can study for the GMAT. And I've instructed him to wake me when he gets in the shower so I can make his lunch. This puts me up around 6:30ish. For the first 5 minutes it REALLY sucks, and all I want to do it crawl back into bed. But after that I feel so great. I mean, it also feels great to roll over and sleep in until 9:30. But then I get up and feel like such a lazy butt and my day is shot in many ways. But right now I'm finding time to write this post at 7:44 AM. SUCCESS!

Another one of my resolutions is to floss. I've officially flossed 3 times so far which is 3 times more then I did in 2008.

Another resolution is to get the basement finished. We are seriously hurting for space here at the Sumshy compound. And yesterday I did organize all of my scrapbook stuff down there. So it's a start.

There's also resolution to be had on the exercise front. Next week I'm starting my training for my 1/2 marathon. So that will be a challenge. I also have a resolution to walk the dog on a more consistent basis. Like, every other day at least. This will be easier when it gets warmer.

And finally, my resolution for Franky is to get the kid OUT OF MY BED. This weekend we'll be taking shifts getting up with him when he fusses and putting him back in his bassinet instead of just hopping into bed with him. I am not against letting him cry it out but it's virtually impossible what with the fact that he shares a room with us and all.

What are your resolutions for 2009?

love, aloicious

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Lately I've kind of felt like this about life:

I don't know if this picture correctly portrays overwhelmed... maybe just aloof? I guess I've felt a little of both lately. There's Christmas to put away, a messy house that's been sorely neglected, and lots of projcts to finish/start.

When life gets stressful there are two things I usually cut out first: blogging and exercise. On the blogging front I'm usually keeping up on my reader, I just skip leaving comments.

BUT next week I'm starting the training for my 1/2 marathon and I'll have to cut something else out when life starts getting stressful. And hopefully I can use my Sunday morning to get ahead so I don't have so much to do next week.

love, aloicious