Friday, May 30, 2008

Mini-vacation do's and don't

DO make a trip to Seven Peaks Water Park. It was so fun! We went on a day when a bunch of schools were having their day and one lady sold us her discount tickets since she wasn't going to use them. We ended up paying $15 for both of us to get in as opposed to the normal $40 it would have cost us.

DON'T wait until the clouds clear up to put on sunscreen. The first couple of hours at the water park were very cloudy so we thought we were safe. Needless to say we have spent ALL of today indoors recovering and looking very much like lobsters.

DO make a trip to Archivers at University Mall, speficially to the stamp section. That's right, I've discovered stamping. Clear stamping, to be exact. It's amazing! I am pretty excited about it.

Yeah, that's all I got. It's kind of hard to think up good blogging topics when you're skin is crawling with burniness.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Favorite things Monday

1. Airbrush tanning! Hi, I'm Ali and I'm tanorexic. It's true, I love tanning! I didn't really get into it until a couple of years ago when me and Mattie and Danielle all got jobs at the same tanning salon. In fact, a big let down for me during this pregnancy was finding out that pregnant women aren't supposed to frequent the tanning beds. Which is actually probably a relief to my skin. But I digress. The Spa Club, for which my work purchased me a memebership last year, had a Memorial Day special for $20 airbrush tanning. I was actually going to have this done before Katie's wedding (where I will be a bridesmaid) at the end of June but when I found out it was $35 at some places I hoped it was worth it. Well, I decided to try it out and I am VERY happy with the results! It's so natural looking! Not orange at all. And pregnancy safe!

2. Running errands with Zach. I'm a big fan of my husband and we are usually forced to run errands separate including grocery trips because he claims I always buy the wrong brands, or get the fat-free versions on accident. But today we braved the SLC Walmart together. I was especially grateful to have Zach with me at this particular Walmart because it's pretty much ghetto-ville. There's hardly a time I go where I'm not approached for money in the parking lot.

3. Those crazy Garfields. Not the cat, my mom's maiden name is Garfield and this weekend made me realize we spend entirely too little time with that side of the family. My grandma died a couple of years ago from Alzheimers and my grandpa remarried a lady named Anne a little over a year ago. Her daughter came up to visit this weekend and we all met in Perry for lunch at a park. That side of the family is just so much fun. We played ultimate frisbee and some of my cousins gave me a bunch of baby stuff. We brought Tyke and he was a hit. All of the little kids LOVED him to pieces and he was a good boy.

4. How much Zach appreciates my cooking. I try to make all of his meals with love. I know that sounds corney but I really enjoy cooking and especially the look on someone's face when they are enjoying something I've made. So I try to convey my love for Zach through my meals. I am usually very successful but even when it doesn't come out so great he's always appreciative. He likes it how I cut his sandwiches at an angle and put salt and pepper on them (like my Grandma Tate does). And I even bake some ketchup onto my meatloaf because he likes it that way. I never feel underappreciated in the cooking department.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My studly runner

On Saturday as part of his training for the marathon in July, Zach ran the 5k at Liberty Park. He was so awesome! We are having a hard time finding the results. There were about 600 runners and I watched the first runners come in and would guess Zach finished between 30-5oth place. It was fun cheering him on at the finish line. Good job honey!

In pregnancy news, today I discovered the joys of heartburn. I've never had it before and it is not fun. I don't recommend it. Tums are now my new best friend.

So here's a tip for those of you planning on being pregnant: DON'T TRY ON SWIMSUITS, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Even if it's the exact swimsuit you've been dreaming about. Indulging in this activity can lead to panic and severe depression. Everyone will just say that it's okay because you're pregnant but this will not alleviate your stress.


Favorite things Monday (on Tuesday)

Yesterday was my b-day so I took the day off from blogging, among other things...

Some of my favorite things lately are:

1. Having a romantic hubby. Not only is he hunky, he's also very in touch with his romantic side. I don't know where he gets it from. Neither of his parents seem to be of a romantic mindset. Maybe some people just grow out of such things. But for my sake I hope he never stops making me feel like most beautiful woman alive. I hear a lot of women complaining about husbands who forget birthdays or anniversaries or who just don't get it that a woman wants to be wooed. I'm so lucky. I get the best of both worlds: He shows he loves me by scraping my car in the winter AND planning romantic getaways every few months.

2. Having a birthday week instead of a birthday day. That's right, it's pretty much been a weeklong celebration. Or at least a weekend long celebration. On Saturday Zach had to spend the whole day with me! Woot! We went IKEA which Zach says rivals Disney Land as the happiest place on earth. It was his first trip and I'm sure glad he's now on the "lets buy furniture" bandwagon. Then Saturday night we went out to eat with a few friends. Then Sunday we hung out at my parents' house all day. Then Monday we went to lunch and to dinner. My work also celebrated by getting my favorite: caramel apples. I know as I get older I'll probably begin to dread birthdays or not get to celebrate as much since kids come first. But I really do cherish my b-days. It's a good excuse to get what I want (IE: "Zach, you have to slow down because it's my birthday" or "I get to choose where we eat cuz it's my birthday")

3. Fetal movement. It's the bomb. Instead of watching TV at night I just pull my shirt up and watch my belly move like crazy. He moves a lot when I'm at work too but I don't think my boss would appreciate me wearing a belly shirt to work so I can watch Frankleberries swimming around in there.

Ahhhh... life is good.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dog leaping at Liberty Park

I LOVE Liberty Park. It's one of the things I like most about living downtown. It's so big that we can almost always find a spot to let the dog off the leash and have our own space.

Zach always plays this game where he tries to make big moves without disturbing Tyke. I don't know how this game originated and it has many different variations, including trying to sit on him, trying to dance with him, etc. I guess it's good training for when the kids get bigger. But the good old standby is when he stands on things and attempts to leap over him.

Getting prepped for the big leap


Trying again... no dice

Almost but the pup is too fast

Tyke casually walked away at the last second


Good work honey!


Nic's blog about addictions got me thinking, and I've decided to turn over a new leaf! No longer will I be a slave to my addictions. So I'm getting them out in the open now and Setting boundaries for myself.Addiction #1 - I'm a major sushi kick, folks. MAJOR. Sometimes I feel like I can't stop. I get to work and start thinking about lunch and something inside just says "suuuuuuuuuushi...." kind of like a ghosty whisper. Now, sushi is very good for you but it is not so good to my walletos. So no longer will I be a slave to the sashimi and wasabi! I'm a new woman.

I am limiting my sushi intake to once a month.

Addiction #2 - Cereal. Zach can tell you I've got a major cereal vice. I LOVE cereal. I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And most of the time it acts as a side dish or a desert. But it just tastes so good! It all started with the Honey Nut Clusters which I rationalized because it didn't have marshmallows. But eventually I moved on to the hard stuff. That's right: Lucky Charms. Lately I've been really into Golden Grahams and shredded Mini Wheats. But usually I leave the pieces with not very much frosting. NAUGHTY!

I am allowing myself one bowl of cereal for breakfast and at no other time will cereal be acceptable, including desert.

WOW that feel good! Go me!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Favorite things Monday

I'm one of those people who get the Sunday night blues. It's not so bad now that I have a job I enjoy and when I'm a SAHM it will probably get even better. But nevertheless, I still get a little case now and then. So I decided to create a new tradition of "Favorite Things Monday" blogs.

So here they are:

1. When me and Zach have snuggle-feet in the morning. I'm the snuggler in the relationship but Zach is always quick to indulge me, especially when he's too groggy to protest in the wee hours of the morning.

2. Chatting with Mitch. I never knew a more clever 16 year old. Our sense of humor matches up perfectly.

3. Rachael Ray. I watch 30 Minute Meals almost daily. I can't help it! I just wish I could know her in real life. She's such a dork!

4. Going home and turning back into a kid. My mom makes me lunch and gets me drinks and I just get to sit there. I hope it's always like that. My mom rocks.

5. Tyke and Ali time. Zach is training for a marathon and goes running 3-4 mornings a week. As soon as Zach leaves I go lock the deadbolt and Tyke follows me into bed and the best snuggle session ever ensues. I just feel so safe and protected with him lying at the end of my bed, warming my feet. BEST DOG EVER!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It's like the ocean

Frankleberries has been kicking like crazy for the last 10 minutes! I've never felt him kick this hard. So I pulled up my shirt to have a peek and my belly is just moving around like crazy! I even made Zach come and see and he was in awes. He's still swimming around in there and you can see it from the outside. It makes it so real! I feel him moving around every day now but I've never been able to see it from the outside.

My little brothers are really excited to feel the baby kick but he usually only works out at night so they haven't gotten a chance. It's not hard enough to keep me awake yet but I'm sure that's coming.

Funny baby comments:

#1 - When my mom told my Grandpa G. we were pretty set on the name Frankie my Grandpa said with a name like that he'd never get beat up.

#2 - At my OB appointment on Monday Dr. Terry reviewed the full ultrasound report with me. We talked about how everything looked normal and we changed my due date to September 1st. Part of the report said "sex determined to be male." He said they hardly EVER put the sex of the baby in these reports unless they're REALLY sure of it. He said we must have some well-hung kid in there.

There is a lady at my work who has been talking to be since the beginning about what I want for a baby gift. I have no idea, so today she said she saw these really cute baby onesies that are long sleeved and asked if that was something I wanted. I think that will be a really great idea since the weather will be pretty chilly for the first few months of his little life. I love baby presents! They make me say EEEEP!

Today from about 3:00 on I was only in the office with one other gal. Everyone else was either out of town or left early. I was SO tired. I actually slept really well last night for the first time in a long time so I'm not sure what it was. Something about the rain just makes me want to take a nap. So I turned out my big light and put my head on my desk and took a power nap. It was awesome.

Also, I walked Tyke this morning before work. I woke up with an extra half-hour so I decided to be nice to my puppy and walk him. He was one happy dog. It was so beautiful outside. The sky was getting ready to rain but it wasn't cold at all. I wore a sweatshirt but that was mostly to hide my bed-head.

Danielle musings

I miss Danielle.

Jessika wrote a blog on her myspace today about her. I guess she left for TX yesterday while at the same time Whitney was flying to AZ and their gates were right next to each other. She got to call Jessika and talk to her for a bit. I feel kind of bad that she didn't call me but she probably felt more comfortable using Whitney's phone to call Jessika since that's who they're really both friends with (I don't know Whitney all that well). Or she just hates me (shut up hormones!!) I'm sure she only had a few minutes anyways...

Reading her post I just started thinking about her and how much I miss her. It's really hard for me to make friends with girls. I guess "make friends" is the wrong word. It's hard for me to trust other females. I find they say a lot of things and then say a lot of opposite things when convenience arises. I know I'm also guilty of this trait but with Danielle it's like there was always the truce there that we didn't tell things about each other and if we did we forgave and made up.

I know she'll come out better for this but I selfishly can't wait for the day when she comes home.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jack the neighbor dog

The lady next door to us has a big, mean old black lab named Jack. The only reason I know this is because whenever I hear her come home she lets old Jack out of her car without a leash and he inevitably runs over to pooh or pee on our lawn or bark at some passerby. She then proceeds to yell “Jack! Jack! Come back here mister” On multiple occasions he’s ran into my yard to bark at me, my dog, or my neighbor – and this is a big dog! Luckily whenever I see her arriving I put Tyke into a sit and do not allow an ounce of protectiveness to exude, even though the dog is on OUR property, barking at us like we’ve invaded his turf. And the lady NEVER says sorry.

Needless to say I’m not a big Jack fan. I began to get annoyed every time I’d hear her car pull up. I kept having little fantasies about eventually, one day when I’m not watching Tyke close enough and Jack come looking for a fight, only to have his doggy butt whooped.

But the truth is, in the past couple of weeks we’ve been spending a lot of time outside and Tyke has charged people on two different occasions when I didn’t have time to stop him. Tyke’s a fairly friendly dog but he does not like strange men walking by the house. And downtown SLC is just full of creepies walking here and there.

The first time he was sitting with me by the side of the house while I grilled some hotdogs when he spotted a guy walking on the sidewalk. He got the look in his eye and before I could stop him he charged. He was barking and growling and stopped just a few feet away from the terrified man who had his hands in the air. I quickly ran up and called him back and yelled to the guy “Sorry! I promise he won’t bite!” This guy was really nice about it, said he probably thought he was the mailman. I felt REALLY bad though.

Then, last night, a guy was riding by the house on his funky bike and Tyke charged him as well! I didn’t get to the front yard quick enough to say sorry but Tyke got a flick on the nose for that one. I felt really bad about flicking his nose later because he acted like I’d like cut his tail off (we made up eventually).

But the truth is I like to feel like my dog is protecting me!

And then it hit me: Tyke and Jack are really just dogs being dogs and although it is annoying to be barked at by some stupid mutt in my own backyard, I would probably want a mean dog like that if I lived alone too. And I can totally appreciate that. Luckily Tyke doesn’t ever bark at children or women or normal looking dudes. LOL! And even though Jack can’t tell a neighbor he sees every day from a real intruder I have to admit that I appreciate a dog who will protect his owner.

So here’s to Jack! I vow to no longer cringe whenever I hear that name. And to be kinder to my single-lady neighbor. Because she’s a people too.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

baby ponderings...

I've been feeling the baby move just about every day now. And the other night he kicked Zach! I think I was more excited then he was. Mostly because now he doesn't think I'm faking this whole pregnancy thing as an excuse to get super fat. JK

I've been thinking a lot lately about what this kid will be like. From what Zach tells me of his childhood he was somewhat of a hellraiser in his gradeschool years. I was practically the most creative child ever, but very shy. I wonder if Franklberries will end up being anything like Zach or me.

I hear a lot of women say "Oh, she's a stubborn one and always has been - even in the womb." I wonder if you can really tell or if these parents project these images on their children prematurely and therefore the child ends up that way because of the parents. I guess it's really the old "nurture vs. nature" question.

I'm also excited to see what he'll look like. I hope he's not TOO attractive. We can't have him growing up getting things by just looking good. But hey, lets be honest - with a father like Zach he's going to be a looker. I guess I'll just have to get used to it.