Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Zach!!

Yesterday we threw a little surprise party for Zach's birthday with (almost) the whole Sumsion clan. We all met at Sakura, this Japanese grill place in Orem, and then watched the Jazz game at Nicole's. I thought Zach was totally on to us the whole time but he insists he was as surprised as one can be.

My favorite part of the night, however, was not the delicious cuisine prepared by our chef. It was actually Nic's craft room! No joke, I can't wait until we've got a big enough place to have my own craft room. It was super inspirational.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I never imagined that when I got pregnant I'd feel this fat! I guess I just need to have faith that it's all work-off-able by chasing a baby around. Plus I'd love to get back into pilates and maybe even become a runner. I don't really like to run but I love the idea of running.

That's really the only pregnancy update I have - feeling fat. But I guess it's about to get a lot worse so I'd better get used to it. A small price to pay, I suppose, for a screaming, pooping, bundle of love.

We're expanding...

It's hard to believe that in just a few short months our little family
will change and never be the same.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wildlife invasion

I went to the grocery store last night as it started to get dark. When I pulled into the driveway it was totally dark and in the beams of my headlights I see this dark shape waddling down the driveway. At first I thought it was a cat since for some reason they LOVE to have standoffs in our yard. But then I realized this was no cat. This little bum waddling away belonged to a raccoon. Apparently it was enthralled with me too because when I got out of the car it came out from behind the garage to get another look at me. We stared at each other for a few seconds then I ran inside to get Zach to come see. I also grabbed the camera but Zach decided to let Tyke show off his superiority to nature and I think he scared them away. I don't know why they were in OUR yard. We don't keep any sort of food in the garage and the garbage cans are those HUGE plastic green and blue ones. But I have heard they are curious little creatures. I doubt we'll see them again because Tyke put on a quite a show, snorting and whining and running up and down the side of the house. He even tried to flush them out of behind the garage but to no avail. Our furry little friends were gone.

Friday, April 18, 2008


I'll admit it: I'm a talk radio junkie. And a conservative talk radio junkie at that. But I guess if you're into talk radio you don't really have a choice between conservative and non-conservative.

It all started with Glenn Beck when I lived in Spanish Fork. I found him on my way home in rush hour traffic. They do this segment called "Moron Trivia." It sounds really lame but it is SO funny! When there's a big sporting event on Fridays they call various gas stations in each of the home cities of the teams and ask trivia questions to the clerks. Then, depending on how many answers or "points" the clerks in each city gets right they say that determines the outcome of the game.

Okay, I'm really not doing this thing justice but my point is that on that fateful day, I turn on the radio, and there's the first thing I hear is Glenn, portraying this whacky, over-the-top DJ and when I finally realized he was messing around I thought "This is the funniest man alive".

Since then, his show has become EXTREMELY political, even sometimes to the point of being conspiracy theory crap. But occasionally the wackyiness which is Glenn Beck shows through and it's because of those moments that I still listen just about every day on my way home from work.

Gang bangers

There have been so many shootings near my house lately! The latest is on 1800 S. 400 E. I drive by that house every day on my way to work. EEP! Apparently it was drug related but still! Two men kicked in the door and shot a guy dead.

Last summer there was a residence not 10 houses down from us where a home invasion happened. I can't remember the details but someone was tied up. No one died but had that happened to us it might have be enough to send me to the loony bin. Or at least make me move.

I feel like we live on the border of the really bad area. But sometimes the surrounding areas get the spillover. I don't like to be home alone. Especially in the morning. But at least I've got Tyke to protect me. The other night Zach and Andrew came home from basketball around 11pm. Me and Tyke were watching TV in the living room and they came walking up the house. Tyke started growling and barking like a mad dog. He was pissed! When I opened the door for them I had to hold him back from attacking the boys and he was still growling! Until he smelled Zach and chilled out. So that makes me feel good. I only get scared when Zach isn't there but Tyke makes my phobias bearable in his absence.

Loves to my puppy!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Go bats!

I love my brothers. Today was Marshall's first baseball game of the season. It was wet and even snowed a little. But we just bundled up and sucked it up. Cuz that's what you do during baseball season.

I'll admit, I don't really like baseball. But somehow it becomes magical watching little kids learn and excel at the game. Especially when you're related to the kids.

PS. He's funny...

Suit drama

The Annoyed Stance:

It finally happened. I annoyed Zach without even trying to be annoying. He was trying on a million suits from the basement to see if any fit and wanted me to take a picture of him in each one. I insisted he go out on the porch because the light was so good but he wasn't having it. The annoyed stance has since become my new favorite stance. It's very similar to the "I'm going to kill you now" and the "bring it on, bioch" stance.

The OC

This weekend Zach and I made the infamous Conference Weekend trip to th OC for some rip-roaring good times ***consequentially we left our computer down there and I've had lots of blog items buzzing around in my head, so be prepared for post-overload!*** There were Diet Cokes and sloppy joes and 4-wheeler rides aplenty. We also met the infamous Joanna (otherwise known as Andrew's latest/greatest squeeze). And she's an OC native! I must say I'm a big fan - she is a cutie! I don't know how I feel about having two SIL's with the name Joann/Joanna but I might be getting just a tad ahead of myself. And that extra "ah" at the end of her name pretty much seals the deal.

We also scoped out possible locations for our future home. We've got a lot of options but one of course is building on Ron's land:

This could be the site of our future home

Father and son, walking the land

We could even get us one of these!

Yee haw!

Friday, April 4, 2008

The smell of grass

Our lawn was finally long enough to mow today. The smell of grass is probably one of my favorite smells ever, especially now since I've got a major craving for summer. It's not warm outside but only because it's overcast. The news always seems to get over-optimistic about the weather and I am always left with a sinking feeling when it doesn't end up getting as warm as they say it will get. Hmpf!

My dog loves balls. Not just soccer. He actually likes basketballs the best. Our house is filled with a variety of partially deflated balls just waiting to be attacked by our crazy Pele wannabe boxer dog.

I like this one because it looks like he's about to eat the ball. Or take a hit to the face. Both of which aren't as far fetched as one might imagine.

Love, ali