Monday, March 31, 2008

Denty Belly

Okay okay, I finally decided to update (thanks for the prodding, Dad). Here is my 17.5 week belly shot. I finally had some people at church along with a few at work today comment on my small, albeit NOTICEALBE baby belly. I guess it didn't help matters that I'm constantly singing "My lovely baby bump--CHECK IT OUT!" But at least someone finally noticed! It's good to not be the only one. The only problem is that it's not quite the beautiful round belly you'd imagine a peggers to have. It kind of has a dent in the middle, like there's an invisible rubber band around my waist. Sorry if that's TMI. It's just a little annoying! I'm sure it will round out eventually.

In other news, I got a letter from my beloved Hermana Bozarth! It was pure joy reading her funny little anecdotes about the MTC. No one can make me laugh quite like Danielle. I miss our crazy times.

ALSO everyone should check out Zach's sports blog!! It's called Jazz Take and while, if you're like me and would rather eat a bug then watch most sporting events, this blog really illustrates the writing talents of my sweet husband. Seriously though, I believe there are people who were born to dance, who were born to paint - Zach was born to blog. And, boy howdy, he sure does a lot of it. Now not only am I competing for attention with the Utah Jazz and March Madness, but now I'm up against "the blog". Have I created a monster? Yes. but at least it's a creative monster. And it also makes us look super intellectual.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

The first signs of life... dancing!

I hope your not sick of my "baby postings" yet but it's pretty much my life right now. Anyway, today I've been feeling this little kid moving all day! It's like he's doing the moonwalk inside of my uterus. Okay, okay, it doesn't actually feel like that. But when I imagine him swimming around in there he looks kind of like that creepy baby from Aly McBeal. I know, kind of creepy, huh? It actually kind of feels like little popcorn kernels, gently popping just beneath my belly button. I don't mean to be "corny" (hahaha) but it's so cute! It's like nothing I've ever felt. The first time was earlier this morning. I was actually looking up fetal movement on the internet and what it feels like. When suddenly I felt it. At first I thought I might be mistaking a muscle spasm for the little movements in my belly but now I'm SURE they are Frankleberries (Zach prefers Frankleberries to Frankenberries... details details). Anyways, I've been feeling them on and off all day now. How fun! I can't wait until he's big enough to actually beat up one of my organs.

Love, ali

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


These last couple of weeks I have been SO hormonal. Especially today. I got into a fight with a lady at work today (which isn't normally out of the realm of possibility) but I bawled my eyes out about it which is REALLY out of character for me. Usually I'm a ferocious bear, able to stand up for myself, but now it seems I've turned into [insert whatever animal cries all of the time and takes everything personal]. And I really mean takes things personal.d up Every little comment that could be taken the wrong way I take it to the max. Sometimes it's not even something that's said. I know I'm doing it so I'm really trying to stop it but it's hard! AUGH!!

I guess what I'm saying, GET OUT OF MY WAY. JK, but I hope it dies down soon.

Monday, March 10, 2008

It's a BO-YEEEE!!

At our second prenatal appointment today our OB he told us our "big ultrasound" is still 5.5 weeks out. So if we wanted to know the sex of the baby we could go to Fetal Photo. This hadn't even crossed my mind but as soon as those words left his lips Zach was all over it.

You can see his cute little face in this one:

Here's another of his face that looks more like the traditional ultrasound shot:

This shows the bottom of his legs, bearing his manhood for all to see (Zach is so proud):

It's so nice to put a gender to the little creature which has taken up residence in my abdomen. It will be even more nice once we decide on a name. I have taken to calling him Frankenberries. Frankie is my number one baby name pick so far. But for a fetus, Frankie just sounds a little too formal. So Frankenberries it is.

My morning sickness has mostly subsided. Aside from having to eat at least a little something every few hours I think I'm pretty much out of the woods in that department. One thing I've stressed about during this pregnancy is gaining weight but as of today my OB's nurse said I'm gaining the perfect amount. I'm also trying to eat a more balanced diet than before. I try to eat my veggies as that is where I am most lacking.

Okay, enough of the boring pregnancy updates. Hopefully soon I'll figure out how to load the entire ultrasound video on here for all to see. He's a cutie!

Love, ali

Saturday, March 8, 2008

MTC Instructions

Steps for taking your best friend to the Missionary Training Center:

1. Put her 3 bags, stuffed so full they almost don't fit, into the trunk of your car
2. Make a joke about how she'll be the only sister missionary with a suitcase dedicated strictly to make-up
3. Stop at the stop sign and try to get her to ride with her family
4. Listen to her yell at you that she's not riding with her mom as she believes they will fight the whole way there
5. Drive to Provo with the slowest step-dad in the world following closely behind (as long as you're going 65 mph)
6. Arrive at the MTC
7. Take pictures with the nice old men who take the bags
8. Take pictures by the MTC sign
9. Take pictures by the entrance to the MTC
10. Take a million more pictures
11. Get sick of taking pictures and remember that your best friend, who is also a camera whore, will soon be gone and your life will be photo-op free for the next 1.5 years
11. Begin sobbing quietly
12. Find your way to the big room and watch LDS commercials
13. Continue to sob quietly
14. Sob through the entire opening prayer and song and also the reassurance from the MTC pres and his wife that your missionaries will be taken care of
15. Watch video about people getting their mission calls and then REALLY turn on the waterworks (try not to snort)
16. Wipe your nose on your sleeve during the opening prayer

MTC TIP: In order to discourage crying, the MTC provides 0 tissues. Make use of sleeves and undershirts as necissary. Females: wear black as this will make your running mascara less noticeable.

17. After a closing prayer and advice from another MTC leader to say your goodbyes quickly, like ripping off a bandaid, take turns hugging your sobbing missionary in the isle
18. After you get down the isle take turns hugging your missionary again
19. Begin walking to the exit but then, turn around again and hug your missionary for the last time
20. Drive home bawling and tell yourself that you're so emotional cuz your pregnant and that 18 months is not such a long time
21. Drive through Krispy Kreme for a hot, glazed dougnut (this step is optional but highly recommended)

I've never had someone in my life (besides a boyfriend) go into the MTC. It's an odd mixture of joy, despair and excitement. I am so excited for her to complete her mission but not for the times when I won't have her with me. Especially since she won't be here for the baby. During the setting apart, it seemed that she cried the hardest during her testimony when she talked about how she wasn't going to be here to meet my baby when it's born. I've assured her that he or she will know her as Aunt Danielle and that I'll keep her updated as much as possible while she's gone. But it won't be the same.

During lunch on Friday I got a rice bowl and took it to Murray Park. I sat in my car, watching the kids and parents playing at the playground and remembered the first time I realized how good of a friend Danielle really was. I was about 10 and had just gotten a soccer pal (a net that your soccer ball goes into essentially attached to a rope that allows you to practice soccer moves by yourself). I sat it down on the bridge and somehow it slipped off into the river. Once I realized this I began to cry hysterically. Danielle ran alongside the river until she saw my ball floating close to the shore, jumped in, and saved my soccer pal. She found me a few minutes later, still crying, and handed me my ball. I don't know why it made such an impact on me but I really felt indebted to her for that. I MISS HER SO MUCH!!!

Love, ali