Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Wow! What a city! A lot like NY but with less a-holes.

I felt eerily at home there, like I should have known the place. We ended up taking an Escalade to the hotel because it was slightly more expensive then the cab. I felt totally posh. Then we unloaded our booty into our swag hotel room and went out to see the city. We ate at a little pizza place called Giordano's which boasts the worlds best deep dish pizza. It was pretty fabulous.

After lunch I went to shop and the other two gals went to a museum (I didn't feel too bad since they discovered the museum they chose was uber lame).

My one night in Chicago was pretty rough. Not only was I a little nauseous from the little creature living inside of my belly, but the big windows overlooking the city lacked a heavy curtain to block out the light. It was also really noisy from the heater and the fridge that seemed to be on it's last leg. I got about 3 hours of sleep total.

After meetings the next day we picked up our bags from the hotel and took a terrifying taxi ride to the airport. I was so car sick by the time we arrived, I wanted to punch out our cab driver. I have never been car sick before, even with crazy cab drivers. He just insisted on tailgating every car and slamming on his breaks every other second. He didn't speak very good English but I guess punches are the same in every language. After the cab ride I was pretty sick the rest of the trip. And yesterday at work I started to get the chills and feel REALLY sick. I stayed home from work today and hope to be back tomorrow. We'll see.

So besides my little post-Chicago sickness it was a blast!

I thought of a lot of cool things to blog about during the trip but I can't remember any of them now. One thing I did notice is that I dislike take-off a lot more then landing. I guess it's just the fact of knowing it's almost over and the anticipation of seeing family is more exciting. I'm not one of those crazy fools who hates flying or anything but take-off does make me a little nervous. Once I'm in the air I basically pretend the view from the window is simply a movie.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Quote of the day

"Too often, those close to us need our love most when they least deserve it."

-From some devotional from the seventies this morning.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So one thing that I really don't like about being pregnant (or being a girl for that matter) is that sometimes you just get annoyed at everything. Especially at work. Especially at certain people at work. Actually these particular people just annoy me when I'm not carrying a child or having PMS. So I guess what I really hate is annoying people.

But ya know, I guess this is good for me. I mean, I'm probably going to encounter a lot of annoying people during my short stay on earth. My husband annoys me sometimes (not very often and usually he's TRYING to annoy me) and I'm sure my kids will annoy me at some point. Maybe even on a daily basis.

Love, ali

Baby Tidbitz

If anyone wants to get me these for the baby, feel free. I especially like the Beckys but what if I have a boy?? I guess there's perks for boys and girls but girls are much more fun to dress.

Love, ali

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Doggy photo shoot

I babysat my mom's dog and my little bro yesterday while my mom visited my grandpa in the hospital and we decided to do a doggy photo shoot.

Here's Tyke looking stunning in brown:

Here's a silly shot:

And we can't forget Pip (my mom's crazy poodle):

Babies babies babies!

Today was our first appointment with our OB, Dr. Terry. I was a little nervous since it had been over a year since my last "womanly checkup" and we know how fun those are. But after the uncomfortable part they pulled out the ultrasound machine. It was so amazing to see the flutter of that little heart. That and the head were about the only things I could recognize (although we did see part of an arm, two feet and a little hand pressing up against my uterus). I can't believe there's a little tiny baby inside of me! It made it SO real. I now feel an even greater connection to this child then before. I can't wait to actually meet the little guy (or girl).

I also told work today. I was surprised how excited everyone was! They all hugged me and Melissa and JoAnn both screamed when I told them. Wendy pointed out that since none of them have had a baby in such a long time that it's a lot more exciting. We had a guy in our office who's wife had a baby recently but I guess it's just not the same when you work with the father.

The symtoms are pretty much same old same old. I try to eat several small meals and healthy snacks during the day rather than 3 big meals. That seems to help.

Tonight I am babysitting my neighbors baby boy, Issac. He is SUCH a good baby! He was born in October and he's at such a fun age. He smiles and coo's and didn't cry when mommy and daddy left. That will probably start in a couple of months but for now he's a big fan of any smiling face.

Whelp, I'm off to watch the rest of American Idol.

Love, ali

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I'm pining today. For The Office. My Thursday nights are just not the same without it.

But Survivor did start today. That's kind of fun. Go Yau Man! But last season I didn't get into it until about halfway through the season so I watched all of the episodes on On Demand and that was fun. I can't wait until we have TiVo.

Also, I just realized that 1/2 of the movies we own are still in the wrappers. Zach just rattled off about 6 movies we own that we have yet to watch. And yet I keep buying them. Just the other day I bought GATTACA off of Ebay on a whim. Think I'll watch it when I get it? Probably not.

Love, ali

Monday, February 4, 2008

I. heart. Iggy's.

Hmmm... what should we write in our blog today Tyke? Lets put on our thinking faces...

This weekend we hung out at the Hansen's along with the Memmotts to "watch the Super Bowl" (ie. eat too much delicious snacky food and drink lots of DC). Okay, I guess the men did watch a good portion of the game but when you have the choice of watching football or talking baby names Zach and I both picked the latter.

That's right, the news is out to the Sumsions. I'll post the video of the announcement once I figure out how to use our new camera (thanks Jill!).

So tonight marks a new level of synergy to our date nights. Zach and I have discovered Iggy's. Most of our date nights begin with an argument of where to eat. I want clean and fancy. Zach wants cheap and skanky (not the good skanky either). Okay, that is a little unfair of me to say. I guess Zach just appreciates good food for a good price and I appreciate good food and don't mind paying extra for ambiance.

Well, Iggy's has it all, my friends. It's not terribly expensive, about the same as the Olive Garden if you get a desert or appetizer. And the food is great! The facility is brand new and there isn't a bad seat in the house as far as the view of the FOUR big screen TV's which feature the sporting event of the evening. I don't care much for sports but I'll watch just about anything surrounded in luxury with a big plate of deliciousness in front of me. I think we've really found a place that can be our place. It truely has it all.

Love, ali