Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My new addiction

Frankles has developed a bittersweet little habit in the wee hours of these blustry winter mornings. He's been SUPER stuffy lately and despite the humidifier has been waking up each morning between four and six due to the fact that he can barely breath with all the boogers blocking his airways. He begins snorting and crying and I am forced to retrieve the blue bulb syringe of death. After a minute or so of screaming bloody murder as I jab that thing up his nose, the boogies are vanquished and I pull him in for a good, soothing snuggle.

As he begins to calm down and the crying subsides he makes THE MOST adorable little coo-ey sigh-ey noises. I wish you could hear them right now, you're heart would probably melt all over the place like mine does. If only I could bottle those baby sounds for the general public. The market for them would be huge, I promise.

I lay him down next to me and he slowly drifts off to sleep, his face a dead give away to the ebb and flow of his baby dreams. It's a beautiful sight and I can hardly bring myself to turn off the lamp and put him in his crib.

And so in the wee hours of the morning although my body is aching for sleep, my heart is aching for those sweet baby noises. And while I can't wait for the day when I can remember what it feels like to get a full nights rest, I know these bittersweet early morning encounters will eventually come to and end. And I will miss them.

love, aloicious


fairyflutters said...

Ah! What a breathtakingly beautiful photograph! You should hang that one on the wall! So sweet.

Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way. ;)

One Sassy Mama said...

Precious. Can't wait to hold the little darlin' on Saturday!

Casey said...

I love those baby sounds, they're perfect. Right now, it's 4am and my kid hasn't slept yet. Ear infections SUCK and I miss sleep. Glad you're digging the middle of the night wake ups, I'm over them!

Ali-Pants said...

FF - It's one of my all time favorite pics. He's just so peaceful!

Nic - I can't wait either!

Casey - Girl, I do not envy your position right now. I hope Frankles doesn't battle the ear infections. Only time will tell...