Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My first manward EVER

We've all seen them, those clever little me-me's disguised as awards. I've never been given a blog award before and I'm pretty sure I've never even received a MANWARD before. But today was apparently the day. Goodfather bestowed me with a very special little bloggy award:

It's a proud day for me, folks. So let the festivities commence!

1st: I've gotta say one nice thing about a man in my life. Since no virtually no dudes read my blog (except for Goodfather and we all know how awesome he is since he's the one who gave me the award - also all you lurker dudes can correct me if I'm wrong) I guess I'll say something nice about Ian. He's a really good friend of mine and he's an excellent husband. SO THERE!

2nd: I've gotta list six ways I measure success in my life
1. My baby doesn't get sick
2. I grocery shop under budget during the week
3. If I get showered and ready for the day before noon, that's success.
4. If I keep up on the dishes means I'm successful
5. I make an effort to get together with friends during the week = SUCCESS
6. Frankles sleeps in his crib for at least 1/2 the night is great success

2nd: Now I've gots to nominate 6 other bloggers who "measure up" to my high standards. I choose the following:

Derek, my real life friend since elementary school where he made me cry who always makes me smile with his witty quips.

Nicole, not only is she family but she's one of the funniest bloggers I know.

Nicole 2, a brilliant photographer and designer and a good friend.

Joy at Joys of Home
. She's got a great blog and was my inspiration for all my furniture rehab stuff.

The Daily Stranger. This is a blog by my friends Derek (above) and Jeremy. It's always fun to read.

Katie, she's a great writer (and my 1/2 marathon training partner!).

So that's it! Oh! And all you nominees you can go ahead and nominate 6 blogs you feel "measure up" to receive that little award. Or not, and hog all the glory for yourself. You can also list 6 ways you measure success in your life. Stay tuned for more mediocrity.

love, aloicious


goodfather said...


Awesome list - I'm making an effort to get together with an old high school friend next week, and IT'S HARD. Schedule, timing, blah.

I love your blog :D.

Ali-Pants said...

Awwwww, thanks! It is hard to stay in touch with old friends, but I'm somewhat of a social butterfly and love to get together with my homies. And I've found the older you get the harder it is to find people you're compatible with. The majority of my friends are from high school and beyond. But you're right, it gets harder as you have kids and life just gets busy...

Derek said...

Yo - thanks for the double shout out. Your blog is the best, I second that.