Monday, December 8, 2008

I like my normal

For some reason our unfinished basement is getting cable TV (please don't call Comcast. There's not even a couch down there, just a matress and some blankets on a concrete floor. And besides it smells and it's dirty so we barely even watch it. Mostly just Packy when certain sporting events aren't covered by the regular channels we're actually paying for upstairs. And besides, we all know Comcast has a virtual monopoly on the Utah market so we're just sticking it to the man).

Anyways, I took a time-out in "the lair" (as it's come to be known) last night. There was a show in MTV, an interview of sorts, with Britney Spears. Back when I was working I would peruse the MSN Celebrity Gossip on a daily basis. So I've followed closely the trainwreck that has seemingly been her life over the past year or two. I felt very sorry for her as I watched this little slice of her life. She can't go anywhere without being harassed by photographers and some of them look scary. Sometimes they waved their cameras like guns and shouted awful things as she attempted to conceal herself from their view.

Then, as the show commercialed every five minutes, I clicked over to my favorite channel A&E for some good old fashioned reality TV. There happened to be a documentary on about a Chinese plastic surgeon and some of his patients. One of his stories followed a man from a remote village in China who had been attacked by a bear. It was hard to see his face and see a person. His wounds were so severe that half of his face was basically a skull with some skin and his eye poking through. The man had also gone through a huge emotional/psychological change since the attack. He talked about how he had become severely depressed. His cousin explained that he didn't sing or smile anymore. Through literally years of surgeries and a few miracles the team of surgeons was able to perform a partial face transplant and he began to look human again. Not entirely normal, but human.

Suffering comes in so many forms. I wouldn't being to compare Britney Spears' struggles with those of this Chinese guy. But I can't deny that both situations would be torture. It makes me grateful for my little slice of normal life that I have and the occasional glimpses of heaven I'm allowed to experience. Like this:

love, aloicious


Leslie said...

What you say is so very true. Suffering comes in so many different forms and there's so much of it in this world. Our lives can get so hectic and crazy at times that it's easy to forget this and to forget how truely blessed and lucky we are.

Every morning before the day gets crazy I think about four or five things I'm thankful for and then think about how my life would be different without those people or things in my life. It definitely helps set me straight for the day.

Ali-Pants said...

Ooooo, I love that! As part of my new year resolutions I'm designing my ideal morning routine. This will definitely be incorporated.