Tuesday, December 30, 2008

HASAY Week 10

It's that time again. After a Christmas vacation Casey is back to whipping us into shape, one blog at a time. So I'm here to report some good news and some bad news.

I'll give you the bad news first. I'm sure most people slacked on their HASAY progress during the holidays and I was no exception. I've got zero workouts to report, people. I didn't do anything remotely close to exercise. I also ate like crap and did HORRIBLE on my water intake.

BUT the good news is that on Christmas Eve the scale read... are you ready for this?


That means I am officially back to my pre-preggo weight! Now to be fair, I weighed myself tonight and I'm back up to 148. So I'm still floating above 145 but hey, I'll take it any way I can get it. And due to the recent slack in my healthy habits I'm attributing the majority of this little achievement to nursing. That's right, all you need is your very own adorable creature who needs to double his body weight every few months to drain you of calories every 2-3 hours. Your once full head of hair and smooth supple skin will go to crap but you'll be back into your skinny jeans in no time!

After New Years I am back on the wagon for reals. And I'll be around to harass the rest of you HASAYers soon enough.

love, aloicious


mrsbear said...

I love the image at the top, working out is definitely cheaper than going under the knife. Congrats on the pre-preggo weight, although I'm not jumping on the breast-feeding wagon, I'm so done with the babies.

Keely said...

ha! So unfair - my baby decided to wean himself at like, 6 months. He was NO help to me whatsoever. Except that he gave me an extra 8 weight-watchers points every day for the first little while.

Hm, maybe I should have another one so I can breastfeed.


Casey said...

I lost a ton of weight that way with my first... I was down below my prepreggo weight in no time. The second didn't get to drink from the tap as long and hence, I've got a ton of extra weight hanging around.

Congrats on seeing 145 on the scale. If you SAW it, it totally counts. You'll get there and stay there in no time. Now get your ass back on that wagon!

jen said...

way to go!
that is one of the best things about breastfeeding!
(now don't go around reminding me about the less wonderful things ... i want to have another one ... someday!)

colepack said...

Congrats fellow HASAYer.
Keep up the good work!

goo said...

WOOOO HOOOOO!!!! Congrats!

Happy New Year!

goodfather said...

WOOOO HOOOOO!!!! Congrats!

Happy New Year!