Monday, December 15, 2008

HASAY, I hardly knew ye (week 9)

Okay, I guess I'm not saying goodbye. TRICKED YOU! But I am ashamed to admit a pathetic week of being awesome at loosing weight. Not to say I've gained any but I worked out exactly zero times this week. I have a million excuses but I really can't afford to do this again. Especially in January when I start training for my halvsies.

So I'm here to repent of my naughty ways. Redeem me from my, internet! Can I get a hallelujah?? I've actually already been blessed by the HASAY gods this week (thanks Casey) because I didn't gain anything, but I didn't loose either. So this next week I plan on redeeming myself.

In fact, despite the fun-sucking symptons of a cold I feel coming on I did get out and ride my bike with the dog, IN THE SNOW today. So I feel somewhat victorious.

Here's to progress! (and not stuffing my face with cookies I'll be baking this weekend)

(Wanna be cool like me and get harassed by a bunch of club-wielding women so you'll loose weight and look like a movie star? Click here!)


goodfather said...

Is there anything harder in the world than baking cookies and not eating them?? I can't think of anything. Good luck!

Ali-Pants said...

Thanks GF! It will probably be one of my greatest accomplishments in life. I'll be using my mom's sugar cookie recipe and they are TO DIE FOR, even with out the frosting. Must.... resist... the deliciousness!

Casey said...

Sorry I'm showing up a little late to heckle... things are hectic around here.
I'm kind of on a HASAY retreat until the start of the year, I'm TRYING to eat well but haven't exercised either. Come January 1st, expect me to be on your butt big time about working in the exercise. That's a threat, oh yeah.