Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins

1. Snowflakes are piling up a mile high outside my window RIGHT NOW!!
2. I'm going to get in the shower sometime, maybe today even.
3. Al's War is a song (by Less Than Jake) whose lyrics have meaning to me. It's about a kid who moves out. It makes me think of growing up and not really wanting to and feeling lost. It makes me think of myself and at their shows I always get a little emotional about this song, which if you've heard the song is kind of funny since it's got quick little punk beat and it's not even sad!
4. Just one sip and you're ready to wait another year for your yearly sip of eggnog.
5. Sitting at the computer in my cozy house with a baby sleeping on my lap in the middle of a snow storm is where I'm happiest.
6. I believe that tragedy is a necessary part of life. It makes you appreciate the good stuff.

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