Thursday, December 11, 2008

Close encounters of the celebrity kind

I was reading this blog today and remembered the first time when I saw a real life celebrity. There aren't a whole lot of celebs here in Utah, unless you count Gary Coleman. Or you head up to Park City during Sundance.

Anyways, last year my friend Derek and I decided to meet up for dinner with our good friend Jill. We chose sushi because we're mighty hip and trendy. So we headed downtown to Mikado for a successful night at looking sweet and fanagling raw fish into our mouths with sticks.

As we sat in the lobby waiting for a table, I noticed we were surrounded by quite a few giggly girls. There's nothing I hate more than giggly girls (except puppies and kittens). What in the crap were they all giggling about?? And why here? At a super trendy, uber hip sushi place?? This was no place for silliness. It's a place of sophistication and wasabi and soy sauce! Not to mention the Asian chefs! Nothing is more serious then an Asian chef.

Suddenly from behind one of the sliding rice-paper doors appeared a scruffy-faced dude and the giggliness immediately ramped up. He well dressed but not overly dressed. As he meandered down the hallway, shoeless I might add, the energy of the room gravitated towards him. There was something about this guy that my posse just wasn't privy to. And I'll admit, Mr. Scruff looked extremely familiar.

Then I noticed a 3-some of gigglygirls sheepishly ask if she and her friends could get a picture with him. He happily obliged and the girls squealed with delight. But we still didn't know who he was. So Derek, being the ever outgoing individual that he is, sauntered over and asked the now shrieking girls pointing at their digital camera, just who that mystery man was.

"PATRICK DEMSEY!" they practically shouted with excitement.

Of course! Patrick Demsey! That dude from Can't Buy Me Love and Greys Anatomy (I'm a little bit nervous to report that I've never been a Greys fan because I'm always berated with "YOU DON'T WATCH GREYS??? HOW CAN YOU NOT WATCH GREYS!!"). But when you recognize someone from a movie you haven't seen in 10 years and a few commercials for a show you don't watch, it's not ALL THAT exciting... even if he is a delicious piece of man meat ("I want some of your man meat Michael!" - name that show).

But I tell you what, had it been James Denton or Zach Braff I would have melted into a mushy pile of dreamboat induced giggles as well.

Have you ever had a close encounter with a celeb??


Casey said...

Woah, you saw McDreamy in person?!? Heh, I wouldn't have gotten all giggly but I will admit he's easy on the eyes. My celebrity sightings only include Hulk Hogan and Juliette Lewis. Lame.

nicole said...

that's a funny story! and i am glad you are not a grey's anatomy-o-phile. i've only seen part of a show and it was terrible! i've met and talked to that guy on napoleon dynamite who plays the blonde jerk (twice! one time was when we was waiting at PF chang's. and it was after the movie came out...) i've seen that one geek from beauty and the geek. and i don't know if we made the cut but everwood was shooting at the U one day and i made sure to walk back and forth with ian behind the actors who play the main guy and girl to try to get in the footage. i get pretty starry eyed if i meet someone famous/almost famous.

Ali-Pants said...

Casey - He was pretty freakin mcdreamy...

Nicole - LOL! I don't know if I'd recognize that kid of I saw him on the street. Do you remember TK from high school? I think he looks a lot like that guy.

Derek said...

HAHAHA - I remember that day. Those were good times. I really wish I had gone and asked Patrick Demsey for a picture with just the two of us. I probably would have grabbed his ass, just to see his reaction.

Nicole - that blonde guy from Napoleon Dynamite is my cousin, and he used to work at PF Changs. He's a terrible actor. FYI

I met John Lithgow, Bill Clinton, and Screech. YEAH! SCREECH!