Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back off, lady!

Yesterday at the Walmarts the Asian lady at check-out asked if I'd cut Franky's hair. I was all "Um... no." And she was like "Oh! He jus-o bald!."

"Okay, lady", I said. "Back off my damn kid before I check 'no' on this here card swiper when it asks me if my cashier was friendly today."

No, I didn't really say that. I just sort of laughed awkwardly and internalized my rage.

But then I really started to think about how much I tease my nearly 3 month old son. Like when he's yawning and I make the goofy faces he likes to see if I can get him to smile so he can't yawn. Or when he's being really whiney and I just copy his whines exactly and he's like "WTF???"

So I don't really hate the Asian lady for making fun of Baldy over here. I'm just going to make it a personal policy not to comment negatively on people's children unless I'm looking for a black eye.

And he may be bald but don't you just want to munch on those chubby cheeks?

love, aloicious


beth said...

Your child is adorable. All 3 of my kids were called "cue balls" by their Granmother! That used to get me a little, too.

Casey said...

He is a cutie, hair or not. I'm always amazed when people are so upset that their kids don't have hair yet. It'll grow, who the hell cares? Frankie is adorable.

nicole said...

haha that's funny. i used to work with this woman who had a little girl who was about 2 or 3 yrs old and she had skimpy, thin, wispy hair. her mom would get strangers who asked if her daughter was "sick." uhhh why are people dumb!

Laura said...

I bet she wanted to say that bald babies are good luck and that it is a sign of a joyous life and a loving mother.

Joanne said...

Hey don't worry I had a lady ask if I cut Jessikas hair off or if she had cancer. I really wanted to say cancer what kind of question is that, but I just said she had no hair and went out to the car and cryed. But she has hair now. Jace didn't get one hair tell he turned 2. So love it now when you don't have to cut it or brush it.

Ali-Pants said...

Beth - I don't know if I could handle it from an old grandma. You can't slap your grandma!

Casey - Thanks, I think he's just adorable too.

Nicole - People are rediculous. I hope they go home and realize how asinine they sounded back there.

Laura - I'll bet she's inventing a fortune cookie right now that says just that.

Joanne - Jessika has such beautiful blonde baby hair. Frankles has some hair but it's SO thin and short that you can't really see it. Hopefully it will fill in soon but if it doesn't oh well.