Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spin Cycle: Giving Thanks

This weeks Spin Cycle is about none other than being thankful. It's a little overwhelming to think of all the things I'm thankful for right now. There are just so many. So in true elementary school fashion, here's my list for 2008:

I am thankful...

I married a good man
my baby boy is of the healthy and bouncing variety
I was born in America
we got into real estate when we did
ice from Sonic
friends who make me laugh
we have health insurance
my parents are still married
my ability to cook for my family
my snuggly puppy
Utah weather of all varieties
the relationships I have with my siblings, all three individually
Desperate Housewives (just being honest)
Packy's musical ability
I'm able to have kids
modern medicine (IE. epidurals, kidney stints, etc.)
my own unfailing health
good neighbors
the Target lady on SNL (oh how I giggle...)
the freedom to disagree
I'm able to be a full-time mom
I'm finally enjoying running
I live near my family
my faith in Jesus Christ

That's all for now. I know lists are kind of lame unless you're name is Ali's Husband, but I hope I conveyed the fact that 2008 was a year to be grateful for.

love, aloicious


Casey said...

I'm thankful for Desperate Housewives too. Oh, and mine is McDonalds ice. I think I would inflict bodily harm to get it.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Ali, you are so right. Sonic DOES have good ice! Awesome Spin! You're linked!

goodfather said...

Awesome list! Happy Thanksgiving!

What is this 'Sonic Ice' you speak of...

Ali-Pants said...

I can't remember where you live, goodfather. But Sonic is a fast food place we've got here in Utah. And their ice is TO DIE FOR.