Thursday, November 6, 2008

Road trippin, mother-son style

Since Packy went out of town for three days, and I suffer from a horrible case of the heebie jeebies, Frankleberries and I took a trip down South to hang out with my inlaws. I just crave that warmth in my chest as I watch my mom or my mother-in-law hold my baby. So I gave into my craving and headed down on Monday. I also gave in to several other cravings along the way, including Mountain Dew and gummi Peachies (I can hear all the HASAY girls gasping in unison - It was a vacation, ladies! And I've been really good with diet up until now, so there).

I've never made the two hour trip before without my husband. So this time I got to pick my own rest stops and take some pictures along the way. The Utah mountains are so beautiful.

Me and Tykey Boy kept up our excercise regime by climbing TV hill. But it started to rain after we had only been going for about 10 minutes. So we turned around and went home.

We love the OC with all our hearts and can't wait to get back!

Love, aloicious

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One Sassy Mama said...

Good times in the OC! Frankles is such a babe!