Sunday, November 23, 2008

Na Blo Po Mo

Pretty much everyone whose blogs I stalk regularly (see here, here and here) has participated in NaBloPoMo = National Blog Posting Month. For the month of November they pledged to post every single day. I did think about taking on the challenge as there are some weeks I do end up posting every day. But I decided against it. And it's not just because I'm lazy. I don't like being tied down. I want to be as free as a bird and that includes in the blogging world.

And I also knew I would fail. Sometimes life just gets busy and you can't find time or inspiration. Especially with a newborn. So basically, that's my excuse for hardly posting last week. Not only did I get busy with normal family stuff but last night I experienced what is known as the 24-hour flu, complete with chills, body aches and endless trips to the bathroom (I know, I know, TMI). Yet I still managed to get my 11 week old baby to sleep and fed throughout the night. Yeah, I'm pretty much super mom. Or normal mom. It's how we roll, rain or shine.

Alright, now I have to go watch my daily Scrubs. Oh Zach Braff, you make dorky SO sexy...

love, aloicious

PS. Club HASAY update: Last week I only worked out once. I did a 3 mile run on Wednesday night. I'm getting back on the horse this week though. Stay tuned for more awesomeness!


Casey said...

Zach Braff does have a certain dorky charm, I'll admit it. Same as John Krazinski from The Office. Hope you're feeling better soon, it's terrible to be sick and still have to be on your game for the kid, isn't it? Go HASAY!

goodfather said...

I too hope you're feeling better soon. Being sick is no fun.