Monday, December 1, 2008

Furniture Rehab #2

I've learned a lot this time around on furntiure rehab #2. It was very differnt from furniture rehab #1 but the reward was even greater. I learned that spray paint, while making for a quicker project (and we're all about quick here on this show), can be pricey. I learned that furniture rehab is not easy with a baby in tow so use your nap times wisely (see the baby monitor pictured up there). But above all I learned that an ounce of prevention is worth a whole buttload of cure. And in this case I'm not talkin no Eva Longoria buttload. I'm talkin Rosie O'Donnell buttload.

Meet Shelfy. He's my 2nd EVER furniture rehab project. I decided to give him a new look with black satin spray paint. Sounds easy, right? I just follow the 3 basic steps:

1. Sand
2. Clean
3. Paint

Seems simple enough. But after the first coat of paint something went horribly wrong. Somewhere lurking beneath the wood, an unknown substance kept causing a spiderweb-type texture to show through. It was extremely noticeable. I went through several sandings and repaintings to get it right. It took me a while but it's finally finished! Are you ready to see Shelfy in all his big-n-black glory?

Ta da! He's now residing in my tiny living room beneath a vase of flowers. I'm contemplating painting a big monogramed 'S" on the front or modgepoding some sort of pattern to the top. I'm not finished with you yet Shelfy! But for now you can just sit pretty until I get a creative epiphany about your future. Until next time...

love, aloicious


Casey said...

Wow, that turned out great! My one lame attempt at refinishing a dresser didn't turn out so well.

goodfather said...

Sweet! I love the glossy finish, that's looks great! I used to work as a furniture finisher for a cabinet shop, and problems were always fixed by more sanding, lol!

Ali-Pants said...

Yeah, it's kind of like more cowbell, it makes it all better.