Friday, November 7, 2008

Flashback Friday

L to R: Matts, me, Jessica, Danielle, Kevin's wife, Heidi Mae

This was a couple of years ago at Danielle's b-day party at this fancy hotel downtown. Kevin and his wife (pictured above) actually met this night and I was witness to the magic. I actually don't remember any magic but I do remember Kevin saying she was hot. But lets face it, he dated just about all of Mattie's friends.

I do remember her making some comment about "stupid 19-year-old Mormon girls getting married so young". And then I told her that I got married when I was 19. She felt pretty dumb but it was pure luck that Zach and I worked out. I should have told her that. She made a beautiful bride this summer and I'm so happy Kevin found his princess. He deserves the best.

Love, aloicious

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