Sunday, November 9, 2008

Club HASAY Week 3

One word this week: FAILURE! (without actually being a failure)

So I didn't work out a whole lot this week in the traditional sense. But I did get out a move a whole lot. On Tuesday I walked around the O.C. with my dog a whole lot. And on Wednesday I went for a 3 mile run. And on Friday I raked and picked up a lot of leaves. I'm also going on a walk today with my family so I'm counting that too.

But I did decide which race I'm going to run. It's the 1/2 marathon along with all the real runners running the Salt Lake City Marathon in April. I'll start the real training in January but until them I'm just gonna work on getting comfy running 3 miles a few times per week. I'm back on the horse this week. I'll try to make you all proud!

love, aloicious


Casey said...

Hey, if that's failure than I'm about a thousand times below failing. Glad you're still training for the marathon and it sounds like you are doing great (even though you don't think so!). Good luck this week, get running!

mrsbear said...

Training for a marathon is impressive. I don't even think I could walk a whole marathon, much less run. Good luck this week.